ANA CORBI interview

Only few understand that Beauty is first of all an Initiation through Aesthetics to the Mystery, to the Inner rooms of Self's palace,there where madness and majesty are sisters

there where wisdom and lust make love there where the wine of seduction is the gift of Immortality...

Among those few Ana is our almighty star, a real eulogy of body & soul, a real eulogy to got her words here!





 AM:My motto is "I make Seduction Visible" Which is your definition of seduction ?

 Seduction is a lifestyle for me. It’s the way that I interact with the world.

 AM:Art,Eros,Spirit:what does it mean for you?

I think art has the power to change ideas and inspire people but I don't like rationalizing it. It sounds very pompous. I have never defined myself as an artist.

Eros is everything. It sounds very Freudian but I have a very broad concept of eroticism. Anything can be erotic.

I don't believe in a Cartesian dualism. I don't believe the spirit is separate from the body.

AM:What powers of yourself you express through your Visual Art creations?

I express sensuality, beauty, and mystery. There is an air of elusiveness in my work as I do not like things that are plain or obvious.

I like a bit of strangeness.

AM:Who is the Artist or Personality that impact more your ideas?

Many…Bunuel, Lynch, Pina Bauch, Isabella Rossellini, Lars von Trier, and Sylvia Plath.

AM:Do you believe that you are more director,actress or model?or what unified all this so balanced in your Artwork?.

I don’t like labels too much. I like trying different things. I think one of the reasons is that I like working in a small scale which allows me to take on a lot of different roles.

Ironically, none of these endeavors occupy most of my time now. I spend a lot of time dancing and studying these days. I think the unification of my work evolved naturally.

I incorporate things that I learned over the years such as dancing, modeling, acting, directing, and photography.

Somehow these have evolved together naturally in my work with little thought or effort.

A lot of it came from when I was art directing and modeling at the same time.

AM:Your modeling/visual project mostly  is a tribute to a Sinful Religiosity. Why are you inspired from this?

I am from Spain and I went to a Catholic school and I grew up with a lot of religious imagery. Although I can see the benefits of an open-mind,

I think prohibitions and the concept of sin make sexuality more exciting. If everything is too available or allowed, it loses its mystique.

It also has to do with my sense of humor. I hope I do not offend anybody.

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

I am currently studying Biochemistry in Los Angeles. My goal is to do research in longevity.

I will be traveling to Italy, Japan, Spain, France, and Belgium this summer for modeling. I would also like to find room to dance tango.

AM: My respect and love for anything you are doing!