Power,creativity, spiritual and carnal blending of Art and here we are with what the postmodern woman we love to be!



AM:My motto is "I make Seduction Visible" Which is your definition of seduction ?
Capturing your audience... to become enamored 

AM:Art,Eros,Spirit:what does it mean for you?

It’s all within us , i don’t contemplate it , it just flows naturally 

AM:What powers of yourself express through your Visual Art creations?

My creations are fueled by anger, pain , seeking vengeance and seeking answers. It’s all my struggles wrapped up 

AM:Who is the Artist or Personality that impact more your ideas?

People don’t inspire me, movements do.  Warehouse parties, queer balls, drag queens, hip hop, techno , the underground , the occult

AM:Do you believe that you are more creator,actress or model,dancer/musician?or what unified all these so balanced in your Artwork?.

I am a creator through and through for sure. I am controlling of my vision, it’s in my head and I want it to be exact ...

so I have tried to pick up and perfect as many artistic abilities as I am capable of. I’ve been making costumes and outfits since I was a teenager…

even in school theater I tried all facets, I acted , directed, built set, did hair, makeup, costume, there’s nothing I wont try.  

I went on to model for years before starting to create music.  

I feel that if I am not creating I don’t really have a purpose so I always find new ways to do more and more.

I absorb information like a sponge, I’m always paying attention, learning, observing.

I forgot to mention I also write…

thought I would be a journalist when I was younger but didn’t get inspired to pursue it again until a decade later… life is funny like that, it always comes full circle. 

AM:Your modeling/visual projects mostly  is a tribute to a libidinal underground journey . Why are you inspired from this?

I think the sexuality of everything is an afterthought for me. Personally I think of power first, intimidation, strength, those are the things I want to convey... 
It’s a celebration of a woman’s self love and confidence… it’s all these things first and foremost.  

I am most comfortable when I am not hiding anything , that is including my body. I present all of me. 

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

Get my money up and do what I love, making music. I’m a hustler so I’ll always be working to move up and excel.

I’m getting involved in the cannabis industry, I want to be a successful entrepreneur.

Aside from that... traveling between London, NYC and collaborating with the musicians of my dreams is really the goal.

I just want to be able to create with no restrictions , monetary or otherwise.

AM: Thank you so much Vivien !