A fascinating Photographer, real creator , a Visual alchemist of Imagery in different levels sharing with me her inspiring ideas about Art



AM:What do u want to express through your photography?

Through images I try to bring out the still unexpressed beauty, I like to call it latent beauty.

It's everywhere, in things in people in places,often the same subject is unaware of it, I like to be able to give it life.

AM:Art n' Fashion:what these words mean for you?

I grew up reading Vogue Italia, my mother had a subscription and I still keep at least a hundred issues of the 90's in my bookstore today.

I have always considered fashion a mesmerizing form of art.

This passion led me to create my jewelry brand "Dea Rail", which allows me to combine this concept of Fashion as Art together with my craft skills.

I believe Art is nourishment of the soul, and fashion an extension of art.

AM:Which are your basic criteria for your models selection?

If the work does not require specific characteristics, there is no a specific criterion, I choose them very instinctively.

When I feel that there is something we can communicate together then it is love. I believe in the synergy of people.

AM:My motto is "I make Seduction visible" What is Seductive for you ?

The purity of being ourselves is seductive. I believe that "authentic" is equal to "seductive"

AM:What happens in your mind while you are shooting ?

I always have an idea in my head that excites me, it's my engine, I have saved and printed moodboards for both shooting and jewelry.

I have learned to be inspired but not influenced. During the shooting there is always the unexpected or new inputs that must be accepted because

they can open new roads and perspectives, and sometimes it is magic.. 

AM:Is there any project/concept that you still say that "this thing its my dream to do it"?

Of course! I have many projects and I would like to do many different things.

But I can say that my dream is to be recognizable for the things I do, create and collaborate with other artists around the world, inspiring and letting myself be inspired.

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

I am currently working on the campaign of the second Dea Rail collection. I have carefully chosen an all-female team which I can't wait to work with.

It will be an interesting challenge for me that will see me on the set as a photographer and designer at the same time. This gave me and will give great creative freedom.
At the same time I am rediscovering the film I had loved during my photography studies and I have recently started using it in the color version.

Also, I will definitely work a little more on video, another medium that has always fascinated me, maybe even on film. As a young girl I wanted to be a director.

AM: Thanks for your beautiful words..keep on Art!