Damian Loeb paintings: few drinks and back to my hotel
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You are watching a tale , a boring corporate party somewhere in New York or in London and a feeling of exodus filled the whole canva. You want to escape , to go out of this cold room and do it immediately,alone or with someone else.

What are u thinking girl ? Come on, i am not going to stay here just because of the chance to fuck you a little bit later to my hotel room..

Red lights all over the building , a neon atmosphere grabs my mood by the neck and  i am feeling the fresh air of solitude as i m walking alone after midnight in downtown.

Now just lay down on the floor thinking two paintings that confused me and lead my mind to play this ficton game, get me in a fantastic place and get out of there feeling sure at the same time that i am a real part of their images . 

Thanks Damian , keep painting like that and support our poor souls to move invisible between different realities...





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