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 A Wild Spanish Rose of Beauty and Creativity, Rosana Perez has mastering  fantastic expression of Mediterranean coast lifestyle through as a Model, Magazine Editor and Dj.

Thanks Rosana again and keep on Madness!


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 AM:Which part of your self express through modeling?

 In my work as a model i try to express any role that maybe in real life would not be so easy to be.

 For me every shooting is a game and a way of being a character with a totally different attitude that maybe has nothing

 to do with me. Its so funny!

 AM: You are crazy and pasionate with music and djing. Tell me about this , has to do with parties and House music?

 I love music, it is very important for me, i can not live without it. I never thought about being a dj but it's been a gift for me.

 I like to see people performing,having fun and dancing while i turn the volume up haha. I think every session there is an idea,

 it depends on the party or the event, i like people to go crazy and reallyenjoy themselves.

 AM: ''She and She'' magazine, tell me about its vision and how it works?


 We are a fashion and art platform, a feminine visual space where the image predominates over the text but with a very clear idea.

 We want the woman to be the protagonist of everything she does with a certain mysticism in herself and everything that surrounds her.

 It is a personal project that is projected internationally with women from all over the world.

 AM: My motto is '' i make seduction visible''. What means seduction for you?

 Oh it sounds good. I think seduction is within, we can each seduce by being ourselves. I think that when you are 100% yourself and

 you are at ease with it, i think you can seduce anything you want. Even anyone, but the most important thing is to seduce yourself,

 it is an incredible feeling, self-seduction, a marvel.

 AM: Share with me few words about your next plans and projects for the near future.

Ummm, a mix of fashion,music and a lot of seduction and feminity haha, no kidding my projects always are related with these themes.

But i want to upload sessions to my SoundCloud and come back as a model on an international level. I will work on it!

Thanks so much!

AM:My pleasure Rosana have you for this interview!







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