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Bruna Colpa is of this kind of woman you never forget cause her creativity is walking hand by hand with her stunning beauty. She does not restricted on her modeling experiences

but expanded her utopian dreams in music and communal support for the people of environment of her fantastic motherland,Brazil. I have the pleasure and honor to introduce this amazing girl here wishing to inspire from her a different kind of poetry and aesthetics.

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AM: Which part of yourself do you express through modelling & Fashion?
I like to express myself as the confident person I fight so hard to be; in reality, I'm really anxious, and I question everything I do.
The character I pull out during work or when dressing up is someone who protects me from my own negative thoughts.
Modelling is my weapon to overcome this other side of me. 
AM: So far in the International Beauty industry, which are the highlights of your modelling career?
My first highlight was in 2015, 2 years after moving to Paris. I got signed for a lot of jobs with Armani beauty.
We shoot 2 campaigns and 2 TV commercials for Armani Code perfume with Chris Pine.
I was on set in Vancouver with at least 200 people, a madness I loved. 
The second and most recent was with Charlotte Tilbury; they are incredible;
I always have so much fun with the whole group, and they make me feel so good. Is a dream job.
AM: You are the founder of Anaca Tribe. Tell me more about the philosophy, the spirit and the experience to be someone part of it?
Ah, Anacã Tribe is my utopia dream. I've started the project with other two friends exactly when the pandemic started. 
I always believed in the power of togetherness. When I first started to DJ,
I couldn't understand why artists are so selfish and keep the knowledge to themselves.
I mean, what is the point of being good if you cant bring others to the top with you? 
So that's what Anacã is about, connecting, supporting, sharing and learning.
I just wanna create a big family of people who love music and believe that we can help others in need with it.
Check out our page @anacatribe or our website for more info.
AM: Djing beautiful electronic house oriented music with vital ethnic elements. Is music your magic, poetry and dreaming part of you?
 Music is my life; I can't count how many times I didn't feel lonely because I had an excellent track to connect with my pain or happiness.
 I am not a musician, I don't attend to become one, but I want to help others with my music,
just as I've been helped so many times.
AM: Which other Arts do you feel close to your inner source of inspiration?
Dancing is my top one; that's how I became a DJ, hahaha, but I'm not good at it. 
Listening inspires me a lot; I don't know if I can call it art, but it always inspires me to listen to people, music and stories. 
AM: Art, Travel, Fashion: what do you plan to enjoy most after the end of the pandemic period?
Travelling for sure, I always wanted to visit Japan and India. Going to festivals is also something I'm dying for;
I miss getting sweaty on a dance floor hugging strangers. 
AM:Tell me about your future plans and projects.
My main goal is to create a community strong enough to support artists and help NGOs in Brazil.
Both are suffering so much from this pandemic, and it makes me really sad. 
I also have in mind starting a festival, for when all of this is over,
a place for everyone to learn, teach, and together create—my little Utopia dream.

AM:Thank you so much Bruna for the interview!







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