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Beatrice Marchetti does not need special words to describe her pure Italian Beauty, her theatrical and cinematic seduction, her deep combination of feminine aesthetics & power. From the world of International Fashion to her first steps in Cinema approaches every project with a unique radiation, confidence and consistency.

For sure her name would be on the top in the near future. Grazie mille Beatrice for this chat! 


AM: In the beginning i would like to ask you why modelling? Which part of your personality do you express through it?
I started modeling because it combined two of my biggest passions;  a) To travel to different countries and by doing so
to  be able to meet different  people , introduce myself to various customs/cultures and trends.
B) to understand  and live in  the world of fashion. Provide me with an insight of the challenges and opportunities that can arise in fashion.

The experience of modeling allow me to develop   myself assurance and make me strong and confident.
Through its difficulties and challenges I become more resilient and allow me to be able to cope with various challenges
and use this experiences  as a guide for my future life!
AM:Which are the highlights of your career till today, projects or campaigns that uplifted your name in the industry.

The top highlights are the various fashion shows I did for Dolce and Gabbana, plus the high fashion show for Gianbattista Valli in Paris and
my appearances in magazines such as Vogue and Officiel.
AM:You had a participation on a Paolo Sorentino movie. Tell me more about your interest for acting and cinema.

This opportunity allow me to introduced myself in the wold of films and understand wether this would be something that I would be interested in the future. 
It has been an extraordinary experience with an incredible director ( Paolo Sorrentino). 
I would like to see myself participate in future movie developments and I will welcome this as a next step for my personal career.
AM:How do you dream yourself next years in Art and Fashion Industry.

Like in any profession  you always want to progress and reach a  higher level in your work portfolio.
My goal is to be able to increase  my participation in campaigns for  various major brands and
have a chance to repeat a participation  in a big movie with a broader role.
AM: Tell me few words about your next plans.
My future plans expand beyond the world of modeling. I would like to use all the experiences  collected by my modeling career and
introduce them in the development of a business connected with the world of fashion/ women product.
I see Modeling  as a step for my personal development and
through its experience to assist me in the future plans for my career and business life.

AM:Thanks Beatrice, my pleasure talk with you !


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