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Honour and Happiness to fullfileed my online magazine with the words of such an extraordinary Make up Artist as Valeria Orlando. Working for decades among the international legends and pioneers of Fashion Industry, her interview is the epitome of practical wisdom of an endless passion for the human aesthetics.

I would like to thank you Valeria for this and really wish you to give an unimaginable growth to your brand "VOR" and every project of you in the future.





AM:You got a career of over 25 years already in the industry of International Beauty and Fashion, cooperating with big names of Photography like Mario Testino,Steven Klein, Eolo Perfido, Nikolay Biryukov and other giants as well.

To add also your work for magazines like Harper Bazaar, L'Officiel, Elle, GQ, Esprit . Share with me the basic lessons that you took from your participation on the top of Beauty Industry

Hello and thanks for the question!

These 25 years have passed without realizing it, maybe when you do the job you love it is like this, there is no struggle but only commitment and stubbornness.

Working on top, it is not just a matter of talent or knowledge but knowing how to be a problem solver in your department, being fast, intuitive and cultured.

In all these years, I have never lost the desire to discover, cultivate and know, you never stop learning ... this is the secret, together with knowing how to maintain a state of deep humility, good vibes and participatory.

 AM:Art and Fashion. What mean these words for you.

In spite of Art has been and continues to be my great love, at the beginning of my career, I couldn't make choices,

I just had to create a varied portfolio to show my talent; the fashion sector was the area that consent me to get to know and appreciate my chromatic and stylistic abilities. Fashion is one of the means that allows the artists to communicate visually, convey emotions without having to add text,

lock feelings in a still image, be able to admire wonderful garments and see your creativity committing with the rest of the teamwork!

For me Art is to leave a trace of us, creating a work of art means leaving a tangible sign of your coming on earth to posterity.

I consider myself lucky to have had the opportunity to create some art series that still today, after 10 years from the beginning, represent a point of reference.

In this regard, I remember my "Clownville" series in collaboration with the international photographer Eolo Perfido and my two series between 2018 and 2020 by Ph. Christian Tagliavini. (1406 and Circesque)

AM:Through the make-up artwork you can transform aesthetics and concepts of images. Finally, is Beauty a gift or something that we can build from zero? 

I find that unlike the 70s / 80s / 90s without going even further back in time, today there is the possibility for everyone to show our personal sense of Beauty,

without necessarily having to refer to a Beauty Icon in particular or to one specific global trend.

Today in the era of social media and the opportunity for everyone to show their skills, on the one hand there is a vast and democratic visibility for many,

on the other hand an unjustified notoriety dependent on the use of social networks, videos and images that are published, but not always of true talent, in my opinion!

To answer you, Beauty is not an absolute image but something personal that can be built from scratch with commitment and creativity.

AM:You are running last years your personal make up brand the VOR Make up. Tell me more about this project.

The brand VOR, totally Made in Italy, was born after 5 years of researches and studies. A specific formulation enriched by almost 59% of pure color pigments,

compared to the average 12% of normal make up and 30% of professional make up: thanks to this characteristic is possible to create

a perfect foundation with a very little product.

The creation of this line is fueled by the desire to make more beauty in the world of makeup, in an innovative way,

sometimes surpassing usual barriers of existing professional products. At first, the product generated in the prototype phase and

in anonymous packages traveling in the bag Valeria Orlando on photo shoots, later, by the encouragement of

enthusiastic photographers and models with which Valeria is measured daily and the first user customers,

comes a brand to expand in the world cosmetics its customer base which today still looking for a product that is easy to use but

at the same time professionally impeccable and you consider all the different types of leather in the world. 


GIVE LOVE FIRST is the slogan that sums up the philosophy of the brand.

Always the creativity stimulates us to refine the tools.

The face of a woman is embellished only by a superb range of shades and invisible corrections, can only those who have mastered the subtle pigments game!

The search for refined sensitive and biocompatible materials leads to a chemical and physical exploration of optimal performance characteristics of the products in the colors and tones.

The foundation and neutralizers VOR Makeup is made with a special formula "Talc Free" which lacks the talc as inert substance and where it is increased to the maximum percentage of pigments, almost up to 60% compared with 30% of professional formulas usual!

The result - An absolute visual fidelity in color reproduction and tone, with a yield of well 360 different skin tones,

unsurpassed product performance that should be applied in very small quantities while ensuring a naturally opaque result and an SPF factor of 60!

The waterproof can be used in wet & dry version. The use of the powder is recommended

only for the need of video footage or in adverse weather conditions (high temperatures)., covering of extraordinary lightness,

a Long-Lasting formula, due to the low dosage of oils (isopropyl myristate are not present that penetrates the skin,

lanolin oil that clogs the pores of the skin and deteriorates easily, almond oil which easily become rancid)

unparalleled effect in eye shadows, lipsticks and blush of the line full-color effect.

Normally, make-up products are made with brown pigments, red / brown, yellow / brown, white and talc, thus repeating various shades of beige.

On the basis of these studies, to VOR Make-up foundation had been made added the pigment able to reproduce the color of melanin and thus

can guarantee to every type of skin, to maintain its natural color without the unpleasant effect of

having a color contrast between the face and neck and also standardizing the complexion naturally with very little product.

That is why the f VOR Make-up foundations are divided into 7 different classifications over 24 color tones in total,

of which none is Beige; mixing the different classifications we reach a range of colors that touches the portion of well 360 shades of skins!


VOR Make-up has always been very close to women and theirs needs: beauty unites body, soul and thoughts.

VOR Make-Up allows anyone to express their concept of beauty. In everyday life every woman has the right to feel unique by showing emotions and moods through her look.

From this suggestion were born the shots of the new campaign, "Phantasmagoria" that sees protagonists, Marta Riello and Veronica Bergamini:

mother and daughter, united by the thin thread of beauty timeless and which are a metaphor for every woman, for the perfect and natural vision of the brand.

The skin as an envelope that preserves sensations collected over time, but which remain young forever.

The skin seen as the only organ capable of connecting the inner world with that exterior and vice versa!

The skin is the only possible gate to balance the body, the heart and the mind.

The extension of the skin depicted in the images of the new campaign, which connect generations, beauty, visions.

A path that tells the VOR Make-Up philosophy for an autumn under the banner of great news! "I am convinced that the kindness of beauty will save the world from all that is ugliness, crippling of the soul and body; as well as from all those stereotypes and impositions of a society ephemeral and empty. "

AM:Do you have a certain personality that during all these years got an impact and influence on your Artwork? 

I confess that at the beginning of my career, all the knowledge, availability, tenacity and passion that have accompanied me have not always been apparently allies, but rather in some ways, a limit to my professional growth. You can't choose whom to work with and even my sector,

like many others, is the victim of abuses, of indisputable hierarchical caste but not for this reason correct in form and manner.

Today in the maturity and consecration of my role and the position I occupy, I can be and I am a point of reference for my collaborators, clients and work teams that I can finally afford to select and choose!

AM:Tell me about your next plans and projects for the near future.

The future sees me already engaged in January 2021, in undertaking the climb of my products in the "physical" Beauty Shop, Perfumery, Beauty and Medical centers, Hair Saloons, which will choose VOR Make-up.

In parallel with the vaccination in progress against this terrible pandemic that has "killed" human beings and activities, we will also try to resume the activities of VOR Make-up in training (currently in Italy there are 6 VOR Academies) scattered throughout the Italian territory and the desire is to arrive abroad as a development for both sales and training.

To conclude, in that motto "givelovefirt", to which I am so attached, my commitment to help and support the young talent who have trusted me and my brand, with the opportunity to introduce them into the world of work.

AM: Τhanks so much Valeria!




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