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 Stefania Cristian is per definition a persona who overcomes the usual Art & Fashion categories ,classifications and boxes. Crossing with a characteristic dynamic the borders between modeling and acting creates a unique existential passion that sealed her image. I got the pleasure to share here few words with her approaching her spirit a little bit more closer and sharing it with you.

AM: What do you want to express through Art , what part of yourself or which self do you release through Art?
Being a free spirit it helps me to achieve my dreams and enjoy my passions.
I am not an artist. Create the life you truly want. Life is art.
AM: Do you believe modeling has an artistic dimension, something that connects it with acting somehow?
 Yes, absolutely. Modelling will help you launch an acting career. I think that there is an element of acting with modeling all the time in pictures, creating different characters, getting into different moods. It's a very mental experience in a lot of ways for most models.
But in acting you must suffer. When I was studying acting with John Strasberg, he advised me to suffer.
You are never gonna be an actor if you are comfortable.
AM: How was the whole experience to be part of Lux Aeterna?
 I met Gaspar Noe, few years ago in Paris, he asked me if I was an actress at that time, but I never thought I would play in one of his movies.
Suddenly, he proposed to me to have this role in Lux Aeterna because the role suits me perfectly, he said. In this movie, I am playing myself, as a fashion model and actress.
It was an unique moment and an amazing experience. I am so happy to be part of this project.
Such an amazing cast and team, the filming went so fast and I love this movie so much. It is rare, confusing and extreme, a real masterpiece!
AM: Madness , Art and Erotism : do you think these three in one mix are the fundamentals of creation ?
Madness rules the world. Sanity is a madness.
AM: Which Art except Photography and Cinema is extremely important for your aesthetics?
I really love painting and it is therapeutic. I have been privileged to have seen a great many paintings in my life,
from museums all over the world, in visiting exhibitions as well as permanent collections.There are so many beautiful paintings in the world.
AM: Tell me about your next plans and projects.

My plans for the moment, to keep on doing the same as now or even better.
And obviously I would love to work with all these great directors like Michael Haneke, Jim Jarmusch, Cristian Mungiu and Martin Scorsese is a dream director of mine.
AM:Thanks so much , keep on Art!












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