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Nastya Tuvakina is the epitome of Image & Visual creativity on an aesthetic canva so intensive with her energy , her chiaroscuro approach,her Fine crafting on iconic messages of Fashion,Art & Beauty. Travel through her words,icons and  social media and drink her full inspiration .





AM:Well , tell me Nastya how long are in modeling and Visual creation? 

I have been filming my expereineces for several years but not frequently. Last period actually i began to take pictures more often, its rather my hobby.

AM:Are you shooting yourself mainly?

Yes, what i publish in social is my self , my work on me, all what i saved everyday is  my portfolio.

AM: What do you express through your images?

I exress the aesthetics of the body, some parts of the body and of course my mood generally.

I love art, i am an art woman, interior designer by education i love to study everything around.

AM:My motto is ''i make seduction visible'' , what seduction means for you ?

I think seduction is when a photo makes you want to have it , to be yours, even when an image does not reffer to a human figure but on food for example. That's seduction.

AM:Books , music, other art?

A lot of them, Orwell's Barnyard is something first came in my mind, music a love electronic,rock a lot. I love street photography and fashion photography too.

 AM:Your top fashion brand?

Yves Saint Laurent and its sexy and noir models in black with thin,slender legs.  

 AM:Thank you so much for the interview!







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