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Nadia Lacka has not restricted in the world of International Modeling & Fashion industry. Choosing to delve deep in her creative and artistic part of the moon,

she has made already her first steps in Painting, aiming to share her Artworks worldwide through the Art digital market and why not through her participation to important galleries and exhibitions. I am sure she will make her dreams come true on thousand of Canvas. Enjoy here her inspired and positive words !



AM:Which part of yourself do you express through modeling and which one through Painting?

To some extent modeling was mostly related to my extrovertness, it was all about transitioning attitude and character through appearance,

making it visible through gestures and poses. It was similar to acting, I had to play many different roles. It was a lot of fun and creativity,

though at times I thought that playing all these characters I started to lose myself, lose my own identity, I could not show my weaker introvert part. 

That is when I started searching and digging for that deeper meaning, life-drawing classes that

i attempted in New York and London helped me to become myself again, to find balance and appreciation of different shapes and sizes of a human body,

how it is  harmoniously built and beautiful. That was something that I began to lose touch with attempting to follow glazed-industry standards.

So I would say painting grounded me and showed the way to inner peacefulness.

 AM:Art and Fashion: how much related or separated are these two in your mentality and way of life?

 I would say fashion is definitely a form of art for me, everything that translates creativity is an art.

For instance we all read color, we like to look at colors and we like to wear them, thus fashion is a way to do it harmoniously.

I personally love sustainable, natural fashion which remains in contact with soulful production, fashion that supports people, loves people and makes them feel beautiful.

I guess, the other common thing in art and fashion would be appreciation of womanly energy, which I am also trying to incorporate into my project “Women”,

I think it’s a very powerful message that we need to send. 

AM:Share with me the most important artists that have an impact on you.

Oh, there are many, from the early age I have been deeply inspired by French expressionists, one of my greatest loves is Amadeo Modigliani,

also fellow artists Toulouse Latrec, André Derain, besides I still feel incredibly touched by Picasso’s “Blue Period” and Klimt’s “Golden Period”.  

These painters are particular by their usage of vivid colors and bold paint application. 

AM:Which is the thing that was very decisive to study Art and following Art professionally?

I always was into drawing and painting from a very young age, though never thought of doing it seriously, and furthermore - professionally.

The turning point was, I guess, the crisis of 25 years, I was soul-searching and felt that

I need to go back to my roots and begin inner transformation with the help of art. Slowly I found sincere joy and felt liberated having found my niche.  

AM:Which is the main feeling that dominates your soul in front of your canva?

Feeling of freedom without borders, it’s an indescribable feeling of a fearless flight of motion.

I have felt this especially brightly when transitioned to larger canvases. 

AM:Tell me about your next plans and projects few words .

So far I am incredibly thankful for the outback that people give on my art, it brings a lot of joy and additional motivation to go forward.

Just now I made a time lapse of art-creation for a music video, the next project is going to be large - scale abstract painting for working and creative spaces.

I am also about to establish connections with several galleries, so definitely. Also I plan to continue my art-studies.

I have a feeling that future holds something incredibly positive, and I am so grateful for this journey.

Thank you so much for your interest!

AM: It was my pleasure Nadia !


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