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 Daring to create new aspects of the Feminine through his film photography, Magtno soon will be a forthcoming name on the top international artists scene. Enjoy his ideas and his images of course and visit his social media accounts for more ...

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AM:Photography has a meaning for you to express desire and dreams or it's an artistic hobby for more recreational time? 

For me Photography has a meaning to connect with people in a way more close and express people feelings

and my way to see the person,you can share whatever the person has inside if you can get a real connection and

that will be shared in the image, so t is my work, a way to express and where i can find a way to express myself.

AM:Your Photography is based on female nudity and sexuality. What drives u to this conceptual framework?

Yes, my photography has a nudity concept, not sexualy in my way to see. I have been working with models since years ,
in the beginning mostly with face portraits and details, but i also could find a way to express through bodies, curves ,
you can have access to the soul of the person , discovering a lot of facts and connect with the model in a different way, no just a face portrait.

AM:Do you have some certain criteria about the selection of your models?

Yes and no. in my own works i try to pick the style of models i think i would have a great connection working with,

and that will fits well. But i never say no to a model that ask to have a work with me,

it is always a new experience and every person is a different world.

AM:How much beneficial could say someone that it was this whole carantine period for new ideas and projects of Photography ?

It depends on the person and how the pandemic situation has influenced  that person . In my case i think it was good for inspiration and new ideas,

since i never stoped creating  and having new ideas . in quarantine period using facetime as a tool to connect with people from everywhere,

it was different and strange  but i met a lot of people, from different places of my country and different countries.

AM:Which is your main inspirator from old and new Photographers?

Thomas Holm and Tamara Lich are my biggest influences nowdays, Thomas in black and white nudity and Tamara in film nudity and compositions , her work is extraoridanary.
AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

I am working on my own lab , since i am a film photographer too and i always have a compact 35mm with me as 

i wanted to have all the control of my pictures and the full process of my analog works, thats one of the things i have been working a lot the past months,

so all my film content is comming soon. Also i am trying to find the best way to share my uncensored content to the users that want to pay for my material without restrictions, i am working on it to give the best quality content and users can enjoy it.

AM:Thank you so much for the interview!







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