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From the streets of the world till the artistic/music scenes his Photography its full of emotional power and energy...

but here his Women got his most sensitive and realistic touch depicted an authentic postmodern romanticism, a female humanity par excellence .







AM:What do u express through your Photography? 

Oh that is the toughest question ever :) There a millions answers to sound cool, or interesting or cultural or deep, but eventually i try to express and
bear a high level of bank account! Ok, my sense of humor needs some tweaks.
Basically i don’t try to express, it’s  more like a need to shoot a lot, and what comes out is part of me, or a part of how i see what surrounds me.

AM:Art n' Fashion:what these words mean for you?

I literally don't give a fuck about fashion, and the world around it and the
people involved in it, which to me mean money and have nothing to with culture
and art. :) Art to me has nothing to with fashion, and i could easily be consider narrow minded or backward, but once again i couldn't care the less about that eheh. 
If it's true that Contemporary Art talks about the moment you're living by,that's ok then, whatever works and all of the living artist can melt every
displicines and express the contemporary mood.

I don’t necessarily agree with shallow concepts or brainless artists that try to surprise and shock
without actual deep ideas. But still, i have fun pulling those people legs. I love 1 per cent of what they call art today, silly me.

AM:Do you find a symbolism in Woman generally?

Not super sure i got the question right, but i’ll try to give it an answer the way i did: Women can easily considered the beginning of life, therefore
nothing could  be a symbol more than them.

The beauty and the portraitures that i try to accomplish are all an humble attempt to give credit to that.
AM:What happens in your mind while you are shooting ?

I always think about the movie Funny Games, the original version from M.
Haneke :), if i shoot models, while when i shoot street i focus on The Thin
Red Line. 
AM:What influences more and inspires you?

My influence comes from culture. By culture i mean books, movies, music, art,
politics and society. 
I've been a musician my whole life, in the punk/hardcore movement first and
then in experimental and extreme music,  therefore i toured a lot, basically like i do now, with many different kind of
people an that influence me a lot.

Movies and their aesthetic influenced me a lot, especially the several vagues you got across the world in the last 40 years. Books can simply teach how to look at the world.
Advertising and fashion are not part of my world.

AM:Is there any project/concept that you say that "this thing its my 
dream to do it"?

Well, more than a project i would say a concept which is HUMOR, i would love
to be a good humorist in photography. No humor no life, no humor nointelligence, no humor no art.

Everyone is good at making people cry, but it is very difficult to have them laughing and through laughters you can deliver
all the messages you want.

I’d love to be more grotesque, more provocative
(not necessarily in a sexual boring way) and definitely smarter than those
silly wannabe glamorous artists so common around today.

I’m far from that and i can be considered exactly as the jus mentioned boring photographer but
i’ll do my best to have my own stand up comedy show soon.
AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

Oh, my plan is to travel through the 100 countries i have never been, 
besides the other 100 i keep visiting yearly to shoot and meet my friends.

And i usually have so many shootings here and there that my publications are
frequent, thanx God. Hopefully i’ll have a huge long series of outdoors portraits with weird animals and models in Asia, China, Japan etc…that could
become a fun exhibition.

Thank you so much for the interview!


AM: Welcome Stefano keep on make Art !







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