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She is exposing the raw material of beauty,seduction, the inner expression of bodies, sharing with us a unique sense of Photographic realism



AM:What do u want to express through your photography?

Through my pictures I always strive to express more things, of course connected to my life's time,

my main themes are women with their true and raw beauty, their feelings and their stories.

AM:Art n' Fashion:what these words mean for you?

The words fashion and art are often analyzed separately, actually I believe in the cohesion of them and

I think that fashion photography could be compared as artwork and not only faced as an image made to generate profit.

AM:What gives you the Analog that does not give you the Digital Camera?

This is actually the question where I'll take more time to answer.
Analogue photography demands from me more diligence than digital photography while shooting.

Serenity given by digital give me the liberty to take lot of snapshots but then I always had as result a sea of shots where, barely, I used to pick only a few.
I've started to have the feelings about having to many attempts to take a picture that was loosing in value and spontaneity.

When I am shooting n using film I have thirtysix attempts and very rarely I use two times the same set to get the maximum yield from that thirtysix attempts.

Taking one picture with one shoot makes me more satisfied, even if it is blurry, "wrong" or with an incorrect composition.

I left the perfection in my photos. Even economically that gives you a reason to shoot less but better.

AM:My motto is "I make Seduction visible" What is Seduction for you ?

In my opinion there are too many shades of seduction, the one that I keep track in my photos is the unconscious seduction.

While taking nude pictures I do my best not to think about naked bodies in front of me, I treat them with unconsciousness.

AM:What happens in your mind while you are shooting ?

While taking pictures my mind goes quiet, in that moment I only care what I'm doing, I can't see forward, what I imagine trying to make it real.

AM:Is there any project/concept that you still say that "this thing its my dream to do it"? What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

I'll sum up both questions in one answer: my upcoming project will gather my photography in one photobook.

AM: Τhanks so much Benedetta!




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