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A fanatic of Vintage and Giallo cinema, a believer of Guy Bourdin's aesthetics, an alchemist of 80's and 90's atmosphere in our era..

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AM:Are u a Photographer ?
No , i am just an Image junkie , wanna create Images with libidinal power. Photography is a tool, Video one more, Cinematography too.
Hope to mix all of them very soon in future projects.
AM:Art & Fashion:what mean for you?
Fashion is the way that our libido wearing certain styles in order to connected with other persons and influence them. 
Art is the only magical path to Paradise and Hell at the same time, a path that u never know where will be ended.
AM:Give me a short example of what Lifestyle means for you.
Read the poem of Bukowski about Style...for me is all there if u wanna understand what really is the Style in Life, of Life itself.
AM:In what kind of campaigns/projects/shootings you love to take part?
I am not a Photographer who is looking for job. I create my own projects with my criteria: beautiful women and scenario.
AM:Share with us, your  Pantheon of Influences?
Surrealism, Guy Bourdin, Giallo Cinema, American & French cinema of 70's, Jonathan Leder.
AM:Favourite Magazines ?
The "LUI" and "NAKID" definetely. 
AM:My motto is "I make seduction visible". What is Seduction for you?
A mechanism of Desire to create this certain atmosphere that will make possible to be united with another Desire.
AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.
To continue shooting in Athens,Milano and London, to create with my friend Alexey Martynov a Vintage Photobook the next autumn,
to prepare a big Video-Photography tribute to Giallo period with few more Artists internationally and
to launch with friends a Conceptual Streetwear label which based on collection of Prints that created personally last year.
AM:Thanks so much , keep on Art!
Thanks a lot!












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