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It's true,is the first time that a male model, a man, presented here and we will continue to do it few times only with international models like Steve...a dynamic,postmodern, underground and classy man at the same time.





AM:How long have you been in modeling ?
I am in the fashion industry for 8-9 years
AM:Fashion:what does it mean for you?
Fashion for me means a way to express your ideas, belief and creativity...
also it can change according to your mood ...  
AM:Give me a short example of what Lifestyle means for you.
 Lifestyle is what you like to do and makes you complete and happy 
AM:In what kind of campaigns/projects/shootings you love to take part?
I don't prefer a certain kind, i just go with the flow  
AM:Share with us, your portfolio highlights. Which project is your favourite so far?
W magazine with Mert and Marcus , Diesel universal campaign,
Givenchy -jean Paul - Phlllip Plein runways and many more,but these are the most important
AM:Which Art is the most important for you ?
Every kind of art is important, you can't choose one specific ...
either you like art in general and appreciate it or you can't  get the meaning at all
AM:My motto is "I make seduction visible". What is Seduction for you?
Seduction for me is the way to convince someone for something or make him come near you,
even if he thinks that is wrong but you made him feel warm and you woke up his senses.
AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.
My next plan is to have my own collection and my shop with vintage clothes 

AM:Thanks so much , keep on Fashion!












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