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Don't try to find another example of what a natural talent could be in Modeling...She is the EXAMPLE!




AM:How long have you been in modeling ?

I have been modeling sportswear for about 3 years as I was a track athlete .

However I have just started modeling in other areas of fashion in the past few months.

AM:Art and Fashion:what does it mean for you?

Art and fashion are ways to express your creativity . I can't say that I am an art afficianado but I truly love fashion.

AM:You got an intensive activity in Sports n Health field. How much important do you consider them for Lifestyle?

Health and athletics have been an integral part of my life as I have been a runner since I was seven and I have competed in many races !

Healthy eating and exercise are the fundamentals of a healthy lifestyle.

AM:In what kind of projects/shootings/campaigns you love to take part?

I enjoy and can adapt to any project is at hand but I would have to say my preference is sportswear 

AM: Which part of your personality do u express through modeling?

I think my optimism,my kindness and joy.

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

As I am just starting off my career my goal is to improve my skills as a model and evolve with each modeling job that I get 

AM:Thanks so much , keep on Fashion!












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