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Her Artwork is a superb blend of decades,styles, fashion-television and film aesthetics...

A retro apotheosis of this America's Icon we love and dream, the empire of world's libido!

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AM:You are the generator of Filthy Mouth Creative Agency and Another 
Filthy Magazine. Which part of your self do you express through your brands?

I am completely true to myself and what I love. That is why I chose to do what I do. My work is very much my inner self.

I love to be feminine and strong and confident and a little raw.

I don't think women have to apologize for wearing what they want or saying what they want.

I love the unapologetic nature of the images I share.

AM:Art n' Fashion:what these words mean for you?

To me, they are one and the same. Art influences fashion and fashion influences art. And the world goes around. 

AM:What makes 60's ,70's,80's so attractive to you?

I grew up in the 80s & 90s, and I just love the nostalgia of times past. I love the culture, the style, the way we behaved as human beings,

how much more free we were and less concerned & critical of all things. 

AM:Between Photography, Styling and Projects production generally which one you feel is on the top of your priorities?

Photography comes first for me, I work with stylists, but sometimes I style shoots myself as well. All depends on the job. I love most creating the image, taking the photo.

I love the composition, looking through the lens and seeing what feels like another universe I've created.

I love capturing the moment, the moment you think you want to capture sometimes turns into an in between, and that's the real magic. 

AM:What happens in your mind while you are shooting ?

EVERYTHING. Its a mess. Its at the same time the most zen as well as the most chaotic. I have too many ideas, which is good, better than none.

I try to pace myself and take in each moment, throw out an idea, and see what happens naturally, just allowing the model to express what my idea means to them.

I always have inspiration, posing ideas etc. But inspiration should be just that simple.

Sometimes clients want to recreate a specific images, and that is more time consuming then they think.

Its better to just show a reference and see where it takes you.

No model is the same, no photographer is the same, its going to have a different feeling no matter what. 

A lot of artists worry about people "copying" them or mimicking their work, and I just can't be bothered by all that.

I don't think it matters, what's yours is yours and what's theirs is theirs, it might be annoying, but its also flattering. 

AM:Have any sense today the distinction between underground and mainstream Art?

I really feel like all art is merging, high end designer labels are using non-models as models,

underground artists are just as popular and sought after if not more so that mainstream.

Sex sells more than ever and has created amazing opportunities for all types of art to be created.

Its as much a great time as it is sad for other reasons. 

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

I don't know, just keeping doing what I'm doing! Everyday to me feels like a new adventure, I really love creating and am constantly doing that, 

always thinking of new series I want to capture, always finding new models that inspire me to work with. 

I do want alot of things, I want to make a proper book, I want to have a art show, I want to sell more prints,

I want to travel. The future is great wide open. xx

 AM: Thanks so much Brooke ..i m still so fascinated to got your talk here!












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