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Dynamic, really beautiful and with a deep sense of thinking about everything all around her...







AM:How long have you been in Insta -modeling ?

We live in a time that social media has overwhelmed our lives. They are means of promoting art, fashion, science, and many others.

But let's get them from the beginning when I opened my Insta account, I never thought I would participate in concepts and various photography shootings. I did it purely from hobby.

As a human I like to evolve and see myself doing many things beyond what she has invested and that is definitely social work.

In parallel, I have been trying to combine my training in social sciences and photography.

AM:Fashion:what does it mean for you?

Fashion is the way you talk, the way you dress, the way you smile, the way you walk, the fashion you are,

your uniqueness, your diversity from the whole, your style which can be rock, mainstream, boho and many more, and it does not go hand in hand with the current fashion industry.

But surely it has its own unique elements that make it special.

Finally, you told me, to tell you in two words what is fashion, I would answer you with smiling...

AM:Give me a short example of what Lifestyle means for you.

Lifestyle: A very good morning meal, then work and later a good afternoon.

In the afternoon, a gym or a sport, like a sports enthusiast (from a small microbe inside me.)

I started with athletics and, lately, all my energy in the box. So different from each other.

At the end of the day, a relaxing shower where we relax and a good night's sleep.

The basic need of the body to rest and drink plenty of water !!

AM:In what kind of campaigns/projects/shootings you love to take part?

I love seeing myself photographing and participant in concepts with Bohemian elements. You know these carefree hair, the soft and earthy colors.

This culture of free spirit. The freedom that this culture gives you, the love for the positive side of life, the carelessness and love of nature.

AM:Which Art is the most important for you ?

Art is everywhere around us. I really admire the street artists.The graffiti boys who embellish my city with these beautiful colors.

They have so many fangs inside and roll it on a wall.

And the others .. street musicians who have all sorts of strange music instruments and are in every strange corner of the city,

singing, playing, transporting us another culture.

AM:My motto is "I make seduction visible". What is Seduction for you?

What will cause me is certainly the risk .. I like to risk, and try myself, my strength and my endurance.

There is a way to test my evolution, the way I see life ..

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

My future plans are definitely about my science, it has helped me a lot as a personality and it has certainly improved me quite like a man.

My aim is to help the people in need, to participate in clubs, in various institutions like social worker.

Being at the forefront of vulnerable social groups. And, finalizing to evolve as much as I can in fashion, perhaps abroad,

it was the ideal way to get involved with my plans (science and college) blux ,

is my way of combining my photographs or my various concepts with the term of diversity,

for example, to pass some kind of social messages through my photographs.

This would be a very beautiful and creative idea for the fashion industry .
Thank you very much for this step. It was an opportunity this interview to unfold the thoughts

AM: Τhanks so much Ria!




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