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 The importance to learn from a woman like her who has identified herself with the support of Beauty in our life is an unimaginable gift for me... 









AM:How long have you been in Art and Fashion PR?

While studying Architecture I started working for a very refined niche magazine.

From that moment on I never left this industry; shifting between writing, curating exhibitions and, of course, PR activities.

AM:Art: what does Art mean to you?

People often tell me that I want to “live surrounded by beauty”; in some way…

and I do realize that I am not thorough…. the arts, all of them -architecture, fashion, design, music, every form of thought and emotional beat- are the best way to make me feel good.

I am restless; I look and search everywhere. This is why my house is constantly changing its setting! In my wardrobe I am more stable; actually my style is continuously changing "without change".

I don't like tears, or shabbiness on thing. I look for long lasting…

AM:Is Milano still the most important Lifestyle capital in Europe?

I find the term lifestyle to be the worst term of our time, it is used obsessively. In my opinion, we all live, trends by following them or rejecting them… by building a footprint that can only be personal.

Milan is a nerve center at the moment; it is because, like a harbour, it is able to welcome, nowadays more than ever, thoughts and visions.

But the city is the tip of the iceberg, not the iceberg.

Often the same people who animate it have other geographical references.

Because of the work of my family I have travelled a lot since I was a child, I immediately realized a lot of creativity comes from unpredictable places.

AM:What kind of brand campaigns/projects you love to curate and support?

I am a supporter of the publishing industry, all of it. Architecture and design remain my greatest passion. Actually more, I am in love with them.

When I succeed in combining these realities I can find the strength to do anything, the energy seems infinite!

AM:Which is the definition of Luxury Lifestyle for you?

Those who know me know that I love rings and ice cream, for me there is no difference.

More holistically, having bienveillance and freedom is a richness, they allow you to do a great deal of things, this is true luxury.

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

A new book and a new home. And the present: these are my main interests now.

Other things will come up soon.

AM: Thanks so much Carlotta!




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