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 Angels for sure got her form, her appearance, her talents, her Mastering of Arts...










AM:How long have you been in Photography?

I deal with the photo from child. I kept my first camera when I was 9 years old. As a child, I had 3 solo exhibitions of photography in Rhodes, the island I grew up in.

I'm self-taught, I never wanted to study it.

When I entered the university (in law school) I stopped working on Photography for 1-2 years, I have been started working intensively on my own projects the last year.

Now I'm trying to combine my studies, my work and photography.

AM:Art n 'Fashion: what these words mean for you?

Art for me is my escape, it's the way to express myself in periods of pressure. Art is the combination of original creation and aesthetics.

With fashion I have not done much work, and I would like it. Fashion for me is an instrument of Art. It combines aesthetics, artistic creation and practicality 

AM:How important is your social media for your networking?

Old at all. But now that things are moving so fast through technology, social media is vital to my job. Instagram is the main medium I use,

because it brings me in touch with many artists in the field and other branches and helps me to promote my work. The last year is the reason I close jobs and collaborate with other artists.

AM:In what kind of campaigns do you like to take part?

I'm interested in a lot of projects that go through a social message. I want through my work to raise some concerns and highlight issues that

have not been of much concern to the artistic community.

I am currently working on a variety of projects and ideas I create myself. 

AM:Which part of yourself do you express through photography?

I do not think it's a part of myself that I express through photography. I think photography simply helps me to outsource my ideas and concerns.

AM:Which kinds of experiences, ideas and situations inspire your Artwork?

Lately I've been working mostly on self portraits. I think of a concept, I set the idea and I put myself as my model in different situations.

My source of inspiration is usually films or works of art by great artists.

They also inspire everyday objects, which I like to show them in a completely different way from what we have been thinking so far and use them in my Art.

I would also like to work on different social issues of my age and to show them somehow within the images I create.

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

My current purpose is to finish my law school, here in Athens. So I do not have big plans in the photo.

In the future, I would ideally want to work in a fashion magazine, not necessarily as a photographer but as a content creator.

Alternatively, I would love to combine my two loves, cinema and photography and work in different productions.

But at this time, creating images and sharing them with my world is more than enough.

AM: Thanks so much Nassia !




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