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She is a fantastic expression of what Arts & Beauty can blend together in a deeper unity...












AM:How long have you been in Creative Industry and Arts?

So I work in the creative industry from longtime since my 16 years old. I had always a passion for Arts and an intense sense of creativity. 

AM:Art n' Fashion:what these words mean for you? 

I think that they have the same meaning . Both are the expression of our self and of our inner natural creative process. The only difference is in their expression. 

AM:Present me and share more about Cinema/Television career.

I worked a lot on stage and I can say that my career began there. I worked in so many important Theaters in Rome and in Italy,

and then I continued to move my steps working in tv and in cinema. I had so many leading roles in web series too and music videos.

I’m working in so many projects right now and others has to be developed. I feel so grateful. 

AM:In what kind of productions/projects you love to take part?

My dream is to be part of a big international film production or even a Netflix’s or amazon prime’s production. 
For my projects, usually I read the script before to accept a work so I can understand more about the plot. 
There isn’t a particular kind of material that I reject. I love when my characters tell an important story about themselves, questioning and creating doubts and reflections in the mind of the spectators. 

AM:Which part of yourself do you express through acting and which with modeling?

Through acting I express my soul, my imagination and my feelings. I try always to give a part of me in every character that I play. 

Modeling is similar but in a soft way. The clothes help you and I play with them . Maybe I express my elegance and my Italian culture through them. 

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

I have so many projects I’m working on, and others that are coming. So I will let you know step by step . 

Thank you!

AM: Thanks so much and keep daring and doing creative things!













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