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 An Exclusive Editorial of Panagiotis Malliaris with Katya Clover

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“'Mysticism' here means, in the literal sense, a change of sensory impressions

  and organ sensations into something unreal and beyond this world.”

   Wilhelm Reich


 ..she is not just a body, every woman is a sacred temple that expresses the majesty of life. Le Corps Mystique is not one more Editorial, is a visual ritual to Seduction,Hypnosis,Fear and Power of the Female being...
 Here Body is the epiphany of a sacred presence, a carnal invitation of that Unknow Darkness that is beyond our senses and expresses the Sacred, the fruit of the Wisdom. 
 Our Vision is not anymore in rational prison of the thinking but is abandoned in the land between reality and fantasy, walking closer to the gates of Religiosity. 
 Panagiotis Malliaris Photography is almost a Painting, a Hagiography of the Nudity, reaching the point of shooting as a dreamer who's watching an Unreal Woman in his Hypnos.
 His Photography is waving between the description of Seduction and his fascination of the Icon that is standing in front of him.
 What makes a Fantastic Artwork this shooting is his talent to shoot under the condition of this Magic with the curiosity of an explorer.
 On the other hand, Katya Clover is not modeling but delving herself in acting of a Divine figure. She takes herself away from herself,
 and posing as a creature who does not have anymore relation with the real time.
 All of her expressions are a monument of Sacred Sexuality, an embodied gift of High Art par excellence. She is dominating the time and space , creating a dimension of an atmospheric lust. 
 We will continue our journey to Le Corps Mystique with one more part of Panagiotis Malliaris Photography soon and of course we will create more and more editorials that inspire through their Icons 
 the passion for the experience of High Art as the Ultimate passion of life...
 Aris Moskov
 Photography: Panagiotis Malliaris
 Model : Katya Clover
 Production/Concept: Aris Moskov Ltd
 London 2019












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