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 Streetwear, Underground,Stylish and Postmodern classy...thats her fascinating blend!                











AM:How long have you been in modeling n' styling?

Since I was young I had a passion for the fashion world and for everything that concerns it.
I started studying styling and image consulting about four years ago in a professional fashion school, but I always had fun making outfits for my friends and family when they asked for it.
Then, bit by bit I started working with some brands and agencies to grow my knowledge in this area and behind the scenes I learned a lot.
As regards modeling, I started about one year ago and it has always been a game for me since then. I don't see it as a job but I see it as a way to show my style and express myself through photography.

AM:What Art means for you?
Art for me is the maximum expression of ourselves. As we can find art in paintings, we can find it in all the different ways people dress.
Art is a poem, a song, a photograph, a dance. We create art to communicate our feelings, sometimes even without using words and this is for me the most powerful message we can use.

AM:What Seduction means for you ?
There is no seduction if there is no physical and mental attraction before; for me, mutuality and emotional availability is fundamental to start a new relationship.
Being spontaneous is the best way to be attractive and gives all those good vibes of attraction.

AM:What kind of projects you love most?
The projects I love most are the ones that involve all my creativity and the ones that let me meet and collaborate with other people.

AM:Which part of yourself do you express through Fashion?
I use to express every single part of me through fashion, my way to dress is strictly correlated to my moods. If I feel happy I wear colorful and nice clothes,
otherwise if I'm in a bad mood I usually use dark colors and comfy clothes. But I have to admit that I love wearing comfy clothes even if I'm good!

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.
I hope to keep working in fashion and carry on a project that I really care about.
Soon there will be some news about it and I wish that everything will go the right way.

 AM: Thanks so much Irene !



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