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Sports and healthy addicted, modeling and fashion fanatic..chic and really sexy gymstyle girl











AM:How long have you been in sports & modeling?

Even as a child, my parents showed me how to live a sporty everyday life and follow a balanced, healthy diet.

So I have been in sports since I was able to walk !
The modeling part started 5 years ago.

AM:Art n' Fashion: what these words mean for you?

Creating the best version of you!

AM:How much Social Media promote an Instamodel to become internationally recognized?

Through Social Media you can gain a quick and wide reach. I grew up in a small country and not many modeling-jobs are possible there.

So Social Media is a good opportunity to reach people around the world

AM:In what kind of campaigns you love to take part?

I would love to take part in a big sports-campaign like nike or in a big fashion-campaign.

But I would also love to take part in other campaigns like underwear, swimwear or beauty-campaigns.
I‘m like a chameleon - adaptable!

AM:How important is nutrition and personal training for a balanced and  powerful everyday life?

In my opinion you should feel good in your body. Personally I feel extremely well in my body,

and that is only because I feel strong through my personal training and my good nutrition and fitness.

It is so important to me for my balanced and powerful everyday life - you feel strong and get a good self-confidence! And it is good for your mind!

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

My future plans are definitely to complete my fitness & nutrition book! It is a lot of work but sharing some healthy things is my passion.

And of course work on with different photographers!

AM: Thanks so much Angelika !



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