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She is a smooth breeze between the Elegant Beauty and Modern Modeling..                          











AM:How did you start your passion with Modeling?

Modeling started for me at the age of 19, when I had been proposed to participate in a fashion show which was something very unexpected as I haven't ever done anything that concerns modeling before.
It was an amazing experience though and after it I wanted to know more things about it. 

AM:Art and Fashion. What these words mean for you?

Art to me is what gives life to human imagination, that not many can produce, but everyone admires. I love every form of art from music to photography and dance.
Fashion is also one of them as it involves a lot of inspiration and innovative ideas in order to be created.

AM:How useful from a professional point of view was your experience on GNTM?

My participation on GNTM helped me to gain a lot of experience concerning photoshoots and gave me the idea of how models work generally as I didn't have much experience before the competition.
It also gave me the chance to work and learn from many experts that I couldn't easily otherwise. 

AM:Which part of yourself express through Modeling and Fashion?

Modeling brings out a part of me that I wasn't sure existed as it makes me very confident.
I never liked to attract attention but through modeling I started feeling that it's not always a bad thing.

AM:Tell me a bad thing that you did in your life and finally ended as a good for you.

My application to GNTM was something that my family would never expect from me and didn't like the idea at first, but it was something that I wanted to try and
now I'm glad I did because a found something I really like.

AM:Except modeling can you imagine your self doing other things in Fashion Industry?

As I study chemistry, I could also see myself involved with cosmetics production. I also like styling and photography.

AM:What do you think its more attractive today to be an Instagrammer or try to be a classic model?

I think that today with all the social media growth it could be more attractive to be an istagrammer as it's easier because you can work only by having a phone,
but I would definitely prefer to be a classic model as it is a living experience and not virtual. 

AM:Share with me few words about your future plans.

I'm planning to take my chemistry degree as I'm on the final year of my school, and work as much as I can in the modeling industry until my graduation.
After that I'd like to go abroad and work more professionally. 
AM: Elena you got my full support, keep on Fashion!












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