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AM:How long have you been modeling? 
After high school, I got into university. I was 16 years old. I studied  for international law. And I tried myself in modeling as my parents suggested me.
My mother keep me busy from very young age. To be honest, I don't know how to thank her for this. I've done 7 years of ballet school.
And I was cheerleader in high school of professional volleyball players of the city.
I learn how to ride a horse, drawing in art class, and acting lessons. From very young age I learn to work on myself every single day to become who I am now and I keep going.
Learning more languages, meditation and yoga help me to develop my spirit.
AM:Share with us the highlights of your portfolio.
Everything is unique, everything is special for me.
AM:Art n' Fashion: what these words mean for you? 
Art and Fashion, Well art is dance, music, movies, theatre and aesthetic publicity of art. It's artwork and actors, singers and creative ideas, the criticism of art. Production of art, painting, literature, architecture and sculpture.
The study art history. I'm artistic person and I am so happy to have chance work with artists. Also, I love to visit museums in each country I go. It helps me to understand culture and see history from inside, let's say.
Now about Fashion. My fashion guru is my mother. Don't laugh at this. I'll explain to you.
For me fashion is not only about clothes, makeup and hair style in which I can represent myself, it's also about lifestyle, physical and mental look.
About behavior. From my childhood I look at my mom with admiration. Always good looking, elegant woman with perfect hair and makeup.
Even when she takes care of 2 children and had other family responsibilities, she didn't forget about fashion.
AM:How much Social Media  promote a model to become internationally recognized? 
Social media is the most helpful, I believe. I have chance to find easily any artist, photographer, model by instagram and contact anyone I need immediately.
Hit up with questions about modeling, had some suggestions from international photographers. And also to be found as a model by using right hsshtags.
AM:In what kind of campaigns you love to take part? What do you think, about influence the audience and your followers, about fashion?
I like challenges and I love changes in my life. With modeling I have chance get different look by professional hands. What about my followers, ahh I love them all.
Models, photographers, videographers, makeup artists, hair stylists, designers, stylists, social media workers ( I mean everyone who is working on magazines) and everyone who support me.
I love them all. I'm trying to answer for all emails and be active and helpful, as everybody helping me. 
What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.
What next for me. Very good question.   I keep develop myself and learn new things which can help me in modeling. 
After new year I plan to travel and get into agency in Turkey and Milano. Also, I'm trying to collect all my ideas and contacts in fashion industry and become an art director.

AM: So glad to speak together, thanks again! 













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