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   Sometimes Insta & Selfie modeling is so authentic and stunning that makes you wanna enjoy it as she does..       










AM:How long are you in modeling?

I've been working a lot with my social networks for about a year and I've created my own personal blog.

AM:Art and fashion: what do these words mean to you?

Art and fashion are the most beautiful words that exist. They mean beauty and attraction for me!

AM:In what kind of campaigns would you like to participate?

I would like to participate in campaigns that inspire fashion but above all the female beauty.

AM:How important are social media for a new model today?

Today, social media are essential to be recognized in all over the world. Social media today is the present & future for young people.

AM:Tell me about your future plans.

I hope that in the future I will be able to realize my dream, that is to make myself known and

to realize something beautiful always in the Fashion Industry!


 AM: Thanks so much and wish u the best!



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