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    Αn essential, passionate singer who blends any kind of music with deep feelings and existential vibe..       












AM:How did you start this passionate relation with music&singing?

Well, as far as I can remember, everything started at the age of 8, when my parents bought a piano for my elder sister.

While I was listening to her playing the piano, I started singing. I have been taking piano lessons and singing since then.

AM:Rock, Disco, Soul, Pop, why music that you love to sing is mixed and blended with so many different influences?
All these different influences stem from my childhood. I used to listen to many kinds of music. As I have always loved foreign music,
I have been trying to listen to these kinds and especially to study jazz standards.
In addition I like the energy, the sound of all these and most importantly the way that these kinds are connected.
AM:Present to us your music adventure step by step till today( groups, tours,scenes,music style changes etc.)
My music journey started at the age of 18. I used to sing on a music stage in Athens with famous Greeks singers, such as Thanos Kalliris, Michalis Rakintzis, Lampis Livieratos for two years.
Afterwards, I went to Patra to study Greek literature at university, where I graduated three years ago.
In Patra I have been a leader singer in a disco, funk, pop music band ( DECKADANCE) for five years .
We give performances in different places. At the same time I was a leader singer in a gypsy jazz band (GROOVIN HIGH).
I have been giving live performances on my own for the last two years, going to different parts of Greece.
Two weeks ago I had the great honour to be invited to sing for the Greek community in Lagos, in Nigeria. It was truly an amazing experience.
AM:How useful is Internet to open new opportunities for you ?
There are limitless opportunities to the internet and social media. It’s a specially useful means for unsigned artists to gain global exposure.
It also helps them maintain and control of the artistic expression and vision. On the other hand it involves a huge amount of work promoting oneself because social media is open to millions,
trying to do the same thing. But we shouldn’t overuse the internet in order to protect our identity.
AM:What other forms of Art you believe impact your music?
Dance and kinesiology have had a big impact on my singing.
Writing my own lyrics has also helped me understand deeply the power of words and how to get my message effectively.
AM:From your social media profile looks that you love photography and fashion outlook.How do you feel this relation of Art & Fashion?
As a singer I consider art and fashion to be interlinked with an artist’s persona and artistic identity.
The way I dress reflects my style and the message and atmosphere I want to get across.
AM:What's next for the future? Tell me few things about your next projects.
For the next five months I will be giving live performances in different parts of Greece.
I am planning to release my own song and I will continue having vocal and dancing lessons.

 AM: Thanks so much and wish u the best!



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