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   Sexy & Provocative,Iconic & Postmodern,her Photography is a supercool impressionism of 21st century                         











 AM:How long have you been in Visual Arts?

 I've started when I was in school and got my first job in photography in 2009.
 I always wanted to shoot fashion since I saw the Vogue Magazine for the first time.
 AM:Share with me the highlights of your career so far.
 My first highlight was an exhibition at Fashion Week Malta and in 2013 I won a competition. I am very happy about my book „Adam & Eve" published in 2015.
 I shot 150 models for this project. A few more highlights are my cover shot of Oscar winner Jared Leto and my campaign for Y'akoto shot on Lanzarote.
 AM:How do u define your Photography?What you want to express through your Art?
 My photography is dark and shot in a beautiful way. It's also sexy and provocative.
 AM:How much Social Media influence an artist's branding ?
 Nowadays social media is about 80% of an artist's branding. I usually post my newest work first on Instagram and later on my website.
 For me social media became very important. I do communicate more on Instagram than emails. I noticed that a lot of clients want to book a model with a huge Instagram account.
 It's the same with photographers. There are clients who think the quality of the pictures is based on the number of followers and likes. 
 AM:Which Artist do you consider as your main influence?
 My all time idol is Steven Meisel. I always loved Vogue Italy because Meisel was shooting for them and his themes and the way he shot them was very inspiring.
 AM:Art and Technology. How much this relation today influence the final form of the Artwork?
 There are many photographers since the digital photography is available for everyone. It's easy to call yourself a photographer when you have a nice camera.
 But I don't think that everyone knows about the technology. It's not necessary to be a photographer but it's good to know.
 I studied photography and of cause I know about it but much more important is the good eye and the ideas.
 For me also the retouch is a big part of a picture so yes this part influenes the final artwork a lot! 
 AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans & projects.
 Right now I am working as a photographer at Modelwerk, Germany's biggest model agency and I really like my job.
 I am shooting the model portfolios, meeting new models almost every day and it never gets boring. On my holidays and weekends I'm still working on my portfolio shooting for different magazines.
 One of my biggest future plans is that I wanna move to LA because I am in love with the light and the landscape in California. And I want to shoot for Vogue of course !
 All the Best,

 AM: Thanks so much, your are fantastic !



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