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        Its a real honour to have with me here, artists, visionaries and personalities like him..                            













 AM:How long have you been in Visual Arts?

 I 've been carrying a camera for ever. I started selling my work some ten years ago, focusing on fashion, travel and wedding photography.

 Fashion is clearly my field of priority at this moment. 

 AM: Share with me the highlights of your career so far.

 Honestly, no real highlights. It's been work, work and work. Some collective and one individual exhibition helped me define my style some years ago,

 and the opening of my own studio was a real boost.

 AM:How do u define your Photography? What you want to express through your Art?

 Commercial fashion photography with conceptual elements.

 Through fashion shots, I am trying to address beauty, style and femininity.

 AM:How much Social Media influence an artist's branding ?

 Social media, mainly Instagram, is a blessing for creative people. It's a living self-exhibition.

 You expose yourself to a selected audience in a constant basis, but most of all you see yourself exposed.

 You post, you regret, you delete, you repost, you see your work as a whole, one day you are satisfied- the next you are bored by yourself and you reject everything,

 but it's not too late, you can start all over again, you get influenced, you improve, you interact, you follow,

 you get followed, anything a creative mind wishes to have in order to evolve and define themselves.

 And there is more... all these talented people out there, that you would never have the chance to meet, get familiar with their work and learn from them...   

 AM:Which Artist do you consider as your main influence?

 I find inspiration in the melancholy, the weird proportions and the unadorned sexuality of the figures painted by Modigliani & Schiele.

 I use as a reference the international fashion photographers Steven Meisel, Ellen Von Unwerth & Guy Bourdin as much as the Greek Krikis, Bartzoka & Katsanakis.

AM:Art and Technology. How much this relation today influence the final form of the Artwork?

Technology has always been an integrative part of photography, influencing atmosphere, mood and form.

In these last years though, with the digital revolution in visual arts and the miracle of internet, technology may even totally define the Artwork,

and this can only be a positive thing, as it expands the art field.

That said, personally I am not obsessed by neither technology or technique. The model, the mood, the glance, the pose, the moment, the light ... that's it.

If I can combine these elements the right way, the cheapest cellphone and the basics in post processing can easily do the work. 

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans & projects.

Matter gets increasingly significant in my interests. I plan to explore the ways matter –inside objects, toys, clothing, accessories- interacts with style, image and sexuality.

Color is one other big challenge for the near future.   

AM: Thanks you so much Ilias!




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