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                 The joy of life embodied on her personality, a great interview!               


AM:How long have you been Journalist and author? 
I've been a food photographer and journalist for kitchen magazines for 11 years!
I started to cook Donna Hay's dishes (famous Australian chef!) and to photograph them as in her books!
I gave food cooked to the nuns or to a community of former drug addicts. I photographed the food trying to simulate the shots of Petrina Tinslay (famous Australian photographer!).
I started for the passion but in the end it became a job ... that also saved me .... 
about 4 years ago I discovered raw food and I invented the first kitchen magazine of vegan cuisine ...
but I'm not vegan! The vegetables were the food that made me less afraid, so what had to be my recipe book became a national magazine!
AM:Share with us your passion for dancing.
At 17 I danced in the discos. My parents were against it but I was a rebel! Unfortunately I didn't continue for a long time because anorexia nervosa hit me, 
but I have good memories ... when I was little I skated and danced funky!
AM:Art n' Fashion:what these words mean for you?
I'm italian. Art and fashion are very important in my country. I was born and I live in Milan considered the capital of fashion and rich in museums of art history.
I don't follow fashion obsessively but I'm passionate about elegant shoes and bags! My paternal great-grandfather was a painter.
Some of his paintings were bought in Peru. My father has always brought me and my brothers to see art galleries but only now I understand the value.
AM:Tell me few things about your fight with Anorexia.
At 15 I started to study food obsessively. I bingeed then fasted, then tried to eat correctly. At 17, even though I was engaged and in love, the hatred of my body took over. 
I started eating only a piece of bread for lunch and then I went to the gym to run 10 km on the tapis roulant.
After the bread-only regime, I started eating only un-seasoned lettuce, until I get to drink only tea. My anorexia lasted around 15 years (until the end of 30 years).
I was without a cycle for all those years. I came to weigh 27kg, then my weight has always ranged between 35 and 38 kg. I have been hospitalized several times, against my will.
I was alone. I was a vegetable. I hated life, but above all I hated myself. I lived hell.I destroyed myself with laxatives and diuretics. 
I still feel pain to remember. Making love(sex!), exotic poledance and healthy food were the strengths to get out of it.
AM:In what kind of campaigns you love to take part?
I would like to take part in campaigns against sexual abuse and other forms of violence against women and campaigns that promote well-being and positive thinking.
I would also like to talk to girls who suffer from eating disorders, and promoting exotic poledance and raw food as the first therapeutic steps to get out of eating disorders.
AM:Dancing or Journalism, what do you enjoy most?
About 6- 2 weeks ago I was in Moscow. I trained with excellent coaches: Eva Bembo, Olga Koda, Doris Arnold and Felix Cane. I'm officially an exotic witch!
That experience was a real therapy for tyhe body, for the mind  and for the soul.
It changed me..the way I see me in the mirror...the way I look other!!!I didn't want to come back in Italy!Dancing around the pole makes me feel alive.
AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.
As for my work, I wrote a kitchen tv format ... which I hope will be interesting for some TV channels! I would like to work as an ambassador for some food industry.
As for the poledance in April I will participate in the competition Exotic Generation, in Milan, and I dream to win in the new face category and
then I would like fly to Moscow and dance with Anna Proskuryakova (in instagram Sataaan)... my muse!
AM: My pleasure to speak with a such a wonderful woman, keep on!

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