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     A Grand Beauty who inspires Fine Art and Fashion creators..      












AM:How did you start modeling?
I started modeling at the age of 3 when I posed for the first time for a fashion catalog for children.
My first major debut in the world of high fashion was in 2011
when I was chosen as a model for an important Vogue runway.
As a metter of fact, since 2011 a wonderful and exciting career has 
begun for me in the world of international high fashion.
This has led me to work in wonderful fashion capitals of the world such as Turin, Milan, Rome, Paris, Doha and Dubai.
AM:Art n' Fashion:what these words mean for you?

The words "art and fashion" are an integral part of my person and my character.
Fashion is art for me and art is what characterizes my life the most.
I live in a life of colors of ambition and creativity in which fashion 
is my painting on the canvas.
It is usual to think that fashion is a superficial component in the
life of individuals ... for me fashion is much more ... we are nothing
more then a white canvas with the potential to evoke emotions with the
 colors we decide to wear every day.
AM:How much Social Media promote a young model to become internationally recognized? 
 I think that social media play a fundamental role in the life of a model as they allow us
 to reveal ourselves for what we are in our daily life.
 Working with social media has allowed me to show myself for who I am
and to take my audience by the hand and walk them into my everyday life and adventures.
My followers have in fact become an integral part of my life ...
I feel so honored to see so many people from different countries of the world who
follow me daily and support me with beautiful messages and dedications.

Many of them also write to me in search for advice, they ask me questions on
the brands I wear or how I take care of my body and want to know more about my daily routine and fitness tips...
there could be no greater satisfaction for me!
I am really happy to  help younger models turn into professionals
and I am always trying to share everything I learned from this world.

AM:In what kind of campaigns you love to take part? 
I consider myself very lucky as all the campaigns in which I took
part they all represented companies that I value and respect.
Especially the international campaigns that took me around the world have
been the most exciting and unforgettable  ...
Shooting with breathtaking views it's been an unimaginable experience....
My shots in the Maldives, in Paris for Marc Lamey and in Dubai for the FED luxury fashion institute in Dubai are my emblem.
AM:Is it possible to imagine yourself do other things in creative industry? 

It is very probable.
The creative industry has characterized my life since I was young ...
From the age of 3 I started a career as a dancer in an Italian academy and
from the age of 10 I attended courses on theater, acting, diction and stage presence.
Art and creativity are an integral part of my life ...
I am full of ideas and every day I study and work hard to create my future and achieve higher and more important goals!

In January 2019 my fitness training packages will come out and,
without revealing anything top secret, I can anticipate that in 2020
I will have the launch of my own line in the fashion world ... more news? 
follow my website and activate the
notifications of my intagram profile ("aliceveglio")
I will keep you updated !!
AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

I am in a wonderful and luminous period of my life ...
I graduated two years ago in holistic health sciences and one year ago
I obtained international recognition as a certified personal trainer.
The launch in January of my first training packages is the triumph of
many years of study and preparation .... it is a source of great pride
for me !!

Soon I will also graduate in economics and business management ...
this is another important milestone in my professional career.
I'm also planning new international fashion campaigns that will take
me to work actively in Dubai, my current country of residence, Italy,
Maldives and .....
follow me to find out more !!!

AM:  Alice thanks so much ,All best for you !












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