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 A Woman with all qualities to be an international top model, with a natural beauty and power similar to Golden Models generation of 90's              













AM:How did you start modeling?
I started in Thessaloniki, Greece when I was 17 years old and I am in the field for 8 years. I like the catwalk, but because of the crisis in the area last
years ago I mainly make swimsuits and some exclusive editorial
AM:Which are the highlights of your work?
I think the commercials with Loux and the Minerva companies look-ups.I had a great time there, which is also important.
But in Greece I would like to work for designers such as Kritharioti and Vrettakos for example.
AM:Art n Fashion. How do you feel these two?
What I think first is that you can freely express yourself, every creator has his own touch.
You do not bother easily in these places, they are full of inspiration. I personally love painting,  as well as piano.
AM:How important is the social media for the promotion of a model internationally? 
I want to stand out from the mass, be selective and that's why I do not like this whole trend with ambassador, influencer, insta models.
I don't think that you are a model, working only through social media. I have many followers, even though i don't agree with the insta fame or recognition.
AM:You were a participant in a big TV show in Greece. How do you estimate today that experience?
The power of the television is enormous, impossible to understand if you don't live it for a while.
To be honest I do not like TV, I would see myself only on thematic specific shows that have something to present.
I had opportunities when I came out of telereality for great entertainment broadcasts but I did not accept any of them. I do not see any value to me in all this.
AM:Can you imagine yourself doing other things in the creative industry?
I've finished fashion design, I'd like to design a collection of my own swimsuits, I love bathing suits, I find it difficult today to find swimsuits to
"snap" in your body. That's what I would like to do, but because of inspiration and busy program I do not have started it yet.
 AM:Tell me your plan about the near future.
I would like to leave Greece, try to work as a professional model abroad. I have contract discussion for jobs in Miami and west Europe,
but i need to evaluate them first. An important part is how you will go and for what projects are you gonna work, which people will be your guides on how to make such a professional step.


AM: Elisavet thanks so much ,All best for you !












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