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Intro Note:

To speak about the sexual expression in our era for many people sounds something cool or reasonable and natural thing,

but the majority in our societies has not feel comfortable even today to consider as a matter of seriousness this chat.

We strongly believe that Art and the freedom of the creators through Art is a fantastic mean for the boost of this discussion in our everyday life,

cause the sharing of our Libido experiences and our theory about our Libidio as something that we need to speak, discuss, expressing absolutely free. 

From this point of view the interviews with people such as Katya Clover ,who are working in the Erotic Industry and are creators of Erotic Art as Self expression,

providing to us a unique opportunity not only to understand and get fascinating by the depth of feelings and thoughts of a woman as Katya is,

but mostly cause remind us how much sincere, passionate and intellectual we should be with our Sexuality in front of our selves and in relation to the other people. 

Katya thanks again for this excellent opportunity to discuss with you, we promise we will try to support more the freedom of our Erotic Self and the people who dare to do that.



 AM: Katya you are one of the few international persons of the Erotic Art Industry that you got an approach of Self expression and Self discovery about your involvement on that,

 away from any typical and cold proffesionalism. Tell me more about it.

My first motivation going into this industry was curiosity, then when i tried  i felt that i could express myself and find myself during modeling.

I just felt that i open my sexuality through all the things i do during art nude and erotic modeling,

that was an expression of me as a woman and i felt myself more deep than before. 

As a bright example that is an orgasm, before modeling i did not have such bright orgasms and did not know my body like i know it now,

that was a kindof my way of understanding myself as a woman.

AM: I consider you a fantastic Erotic Art educator and performer. How do you combine to enjoy both so successfullya nd naturally at the same time?

To be honest i do not know, i just try to relax and be myself!

AM: Who according to your oppinion are more free to sexual self expression, women or men?

I think that gender does not matter, thats the thing about sensitivity and willing of having such an experience, so no matter who people could express themselves.

AM:You are an independent content creator of your Erotic Art,

how fascinating is the experience to offer pleasure to yourself and share it at the same time so proffesionally all around the world?

For now i switch more to erotic themes, to fun adventures and nudism themes. That what i am interested right now and i do on my website www.katya-clover.com 

I just want to share my vision of sexuality and erotism, and share some tips about nudism as these themes are important to my mind but we have llack of information about them.

i just try to do my best for my followers and fans, they are my big motivationand when i get so much kind words and thankful letters i just inspired more and more.

I am thankful for my fans and followers for their huge support.

AM: What do you love more to your sexual experiments?

I think my experience with a woman was very helpful ,that was something interesting and exciting to try,

as it gave me lots of emotions and feelings, but when you find a right person.

That something when you pay attention on details as you know a woman's body as a woman differently than a man.

i dont say better, i say differently as you used to do.



 AM:Which is for you the main future challenge on the sexual experience ?

 I do not put to mmyself any challenges,i am a woman and i want to investigate the styles of Erotica that are so wide, so that what i want to think about.

 And of course to travel around ans show amazing new places for nudism/natural experiences.

 AM:How important is the Seduction and the Libido provocation for the performance of a Fine Erotic Act?

 Thats really important as that the energy that you feel from the person. Thats the key to erotism to my mind, to have a charisma and sexual seduction to your partner,

 that gives desire and fire to the action.

 AM:How important is Fantasy for you? Have you got a Fantasy that you really think that not experience yet?

 I am lucky to make some of my fantasies came true during my erotic modeling.Thats really wonderfull experience,

 but it does not mean we need to make all fantasies true, some fantasies should stay fantasies.

 That what i really like in Erotics is fantasy, we have to leave fantasy as it is like a magic for our imagination, that brings even more desire.

 AM:What you think more important for the experience of a highly orgasmic atmosphere, the couple's chemistry or the more than 2 persons sexual interaction?

 I am a romantic person ,so i believe in love and chemistry between people, magic between people.

 So for me the most great emotions you get are when you are in love and having sex together with your love, thats truly cosmic emotions.

 AM: Do you consider Art decisive for the Sexual expression? Share with me how Art influences your fantasy/libido.

 I am fan of Art, and i remember when i was at the age of 16 i was really impressed by sexual art movies like ''Emmanuele" and movies of Tinto Brass.

 Really beautiful erotica. I guess that influenced me a lot, my first sex movie that i saw was in the age of 10, and during that time i became a fan of erotic movies,

 as i get inspired a lot by watching them. Also i see  erotics from all the European culture, sculptures, paintings, books. 

 Thats the theme that always will be interesting and even nowadays i am inspired by Arts of our descendants.

 Also modern things have an influence on me, for example i am fan of Hentai, i love the way the sex is drawn there, very sexy, hot and juicy.

 To my mind this is a brilliant erotic genre.

AM:How much sexy is for you the experience to live different erotic feelings and at the same time to visualise them for other people?

I do this not beacuse i find it erotic, but cause i find it helpful and i want to share my experience and some knowledge that i have with people. 

I just want to make a fantasy world where people could feel erotic and play with that ideas in their own life, having their own experience,

inspired by something that they saw in my space on www.katya-clover.com . Also i want people who want to try nudism to feel more comfortable

about this and make it true if they really want to try but afraid or have lack of knowledge how to do that. Thats what i share.

AM: Last but not least, what would you say to a girl/woman like you who wanna live and self-create her erotic life absolutely free?

I would ask her to ask herslef why she wants to do that. As when we have questions we have answers and thats the way to understand yourself is to answer

correct and right questions. And i am sure her answers will show her a way, there is always a special way for everyone of us.

AM: Thanks so so much Katya!





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