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     Sometimes the love and passion to be creative is enough to define your beauty..     












 AM:How did you start Modeling?

 I started as amodel for a bikini brand  but i think that first of all i am a dancer!

AM: Tell me about your passion for dancing.

 I started dancing when i was very young and started with studies on modern/contemporary, classical dance and salsa.

 Then i started auditions, receiving many rejections and many Yes at the same time and my proffesional start was with dancing events and night clubs.

 My most important experience was to work as a musical dancer to on a cruise ship around the world.

 Now that i am back to italy i am dancing salsa and working in clubs. Dance is my life!

AM: Art and Fashion. How do you feel these two?

 I got little experience in Fashion but from this i realised how beautiful is to catwalk. It is a special world,

there you can find very special and fascinating people. Everybody speak about fashion but i think that 

High Fashion is for few.

AM:How much Social Media support a Photographer to become internationally recognized?

 Social networks are very useful for showing your work, so you have to be smart to use them.

 Its necessary to be intelligent to make the most of these networks a potential for marketing.

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

In the future i will continue to dance and i hope to improve myself as an Artist and as a person as well. 

For my future i see next to me faithful friends and a true love.

AM: All best for you !












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