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     One of the best International Tattoo Creators with me            


















AM:When did you start your career as a tattoo artist? What does tatoo mean for Alexandra as a person?

That's a funny story as my husband gifted me a tattoo machine. Pasha loves tattoos and he has actually teached me how to tattoo.

I was practicing on him and on my skin. I didn't plan to open a Shop, now I have my team. We are tattoo family but we're working in different countries.

My husband help me to manage 2 shops in Russia, a new one is opening in Barcelona. I'm planning to visit my team soon and meet up with my family there.

As it's sunny weather but it's still different I love Spain.

Though when I made my first tattoo for my husband it was really cool and I decided to continue to draw more Sketches. I think it's important to find your own style.

Then I started to tattoo on my friends. Now all my clients are my friends and they are from l different countries. I like it ! 

AM:Like most tattoo artists, so do you have one in your body, what do these designs mean to you? Moments? People? What is your favorite?

I gonna be tatted up and I already have a lot of tattoos on my body.  My favorite one is a tattoo on my neck, actually it seems like a simple geometric symbol but this is the right-hand swastika that means the sun. 

I know a lot of people are afraid of it. What's about the people I have 2 names tattooed on my body : my son name Saint , and my favorite artist Albercht Durer.

AM:Is there someone who inspired (or inspires) you to become a tattoo artist?

I'm inspired by such artists like Albercht Durer, Gustav Dore, Jim Harter and many others. I love engravings. And also nature inspires me a lot.

That are the reasons why I have my own style of tattoo. I have my vision. 

AM:Does the body convey beliefs through the tattoo? Or simply is another measure of the fashion of our times?

I think firstly a tattoo is jewelry for your body . 

AM:What would you advise someone who would come to "hit" his first tattoo?

The first tattoo is the best experience. Just choose a professional artist and enjoy your session! 

AM:What is the nicest tattoo you have "hit" on another ?

I love Buddha tattoo on the back of my husband. I love to wake up together and see that tattoo.

AM:What are your dreams and your plans for the future?

What's about me I'd like to ink all my body. It's really my near future plan. 

AM: Thanks for our chat , wish u the best !



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