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  The natural aristocracy of her is unimaginable..


AM:Art, dance what does that mean to you?
It means everything to me. I couldn't imagine myself without it. It fulfills me.
Through dancing I can express myself and my feelings. On my ups and on my downs. It came up to be a lifestyle.  
AM:Dance, how did this relationship begin? What inspired you to work professionally?
As a four year old girl, I used to dance all around the house, so my parents saw that something in me.
A year after I found myself in a ballet school dancing with other little girls. With the time I ended up being eighteen and in love with classical dance.
I never had doubts if I wanted to study it. After graduation, I upplied at Greek National Opera. I went for an audition and between all the two hundred ballet dancers, I was one of the twenty chosen ones. And that's hoe my dream began.
AM:Is dance ,combining, harmonious movement and acting?
 Of course it is. You can see it as a silent expression of feelings.
 Through your movements you have to make the audience feel the sense,understand everything.
AM:What are your goals as a dancer?
I don't really have specific goals. My forever goal as an artist is to take every opportunity and make it a new experience.
The only thing that I am sure about is that at some point, I want to be a ballet teacher so I can give my knowledge, technic and passion to little girls.
AM:Do you think that social media is a very powerful means of advertising and "advertising" each artist?
Nowadays who can question that. It is a powerful source, on one hand for the beginners to show their skills, and on the other hand for the experts to discover new talents. 
AM:Tell us, the highlights of your hitherto progress in the field.
The first greatest highlight of my life was about fifteen years ago, when "Scala di Milano" came to Cyprus for William Shakespeare's "
A midsummer night's dream " performance. The choreographers looked out for young dancers to participate and I was one of the few lucky ones.
After that, at the age of fourteen, my teacher believed I was capable enough to participate in a ballet competition in Germany, so we started training.
I didn't win a prize but I made it to the finals. As a conclusion, my last year's performance, which was one of the most famous black and white greek cinema movies, which they remade as a modern musical. I was one of the five dancers.
AM:What was the biggest challenge you have been asked to manage so far as an artist?
I think my studies. My everyday schedule was really tough, I had an eight hour programm of dance and theory lessons six days a week.
I also had to practice by myself, so I didn't have much personal time.  
AM:Tell us about your next steps.
Many steps, full of interest. Surprise!!!  
AM: Klelia wish u the best!

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