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From Shadow to the Light, his Photography is a travel to the Female Body and Soul epiphany..














 AM:How did you start your passion with Photography?

I began doing pictures a long time ago when I was very young (around 10 years old). Along time I was more and more interested by all type of pictures, reading magazines dedicated to photography.

I did a lot of landscape photography as I traveled a lot with my parents.

Later, I discover Fashion Photography through Vogue and ELLE and was very interested in. I decided doing that kind of pictures beside landscape photography and learnt by my own.

I worked a long time with analog cameras and only came to digital a few years ago.

AM:Share with us the highlights of your portfolio.

My goal is always showing a woman at her best. Purpose is always doing sensual and esthetic pictures. 

My work is very simple. My way of doing pictures is still the same I used when I worked with anaog camera.

I consider that a picture is done during the shooting and not during the post production.

I try to manage all when I do the pictures, nothing is changed by the retouch. Retouching concerns only the skin.

I always work with daylight. 

I never work with direct light.

I like a lot when a model could also be an actress, I always ask models to express themselves.

AM:How much Social Media support a Photographer to become internationally recognized?

I can not really reply this question. I am not very interested by social networks.

I am on because nowadays it is nearly impossible doing without. It helps showing our works. 

I really think that all is not there.

AM:Why Lingerie & Naked? Is the erotics that inspires you most?

I do not prefer especially one type of pictures. I do all kind of pictures, fashion, fashion nudes, lingerie, art nudes, headshots. I always say that I do "Woman Pictures". 

I think doing nudes, fashion nudes or lingerie pictures of a woman is the best way to show her beauty, her sensuality.

I am not really interested in erotic pictures. 

I like erotism, I think a picture could be much more erotic by suggesting that doing explicit pictures.

AM:What the Woman symbolizes for your Artwork ,what do you want to express through your Art?

Like I already told, I want to show  sensuality, beauty. I want to give the best image I can of the models I work with.

AM:Who do u consider as the main influence on your Photography?

I would say that my influences come from Fashion Photographers of the 80s ans 90s: I like a lot Jean Loup Sieff, Helmut Newton and of course Peter Lindbergh.

He is for me the best Fashion Photographer.  

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

plans, I do not do a lot of plans in advance. For sure, working several times  with some of the models I have already worked with.

Building new projects with them and doing new pictures. I like a lot this kind of cooperation with models.

AM: All best for you Patrick!












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