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She is a star of modeling and acting, full of beauty and wisdom..













AM:How long have you been in modeling?

Pretty much,half of my life..and half of the world..I did a lot in Europe,Africa,America,but not Asia and Australia..the irony is I'm doing it now as a stage actress.

We've been to S.Korea and we're going to Australia next summer!!

AM:How did you start your passion with acting? 

At the age of 10 I watched my first opera,that was my first time to a theatre.

I was amazed by the power of the human voice and speech. Not just the volume,but the force of his word.

Art n Fashion : What these words mean for you? 

Art lasts. Art travels your mind and soul. Fashion can be the material or an evolutionary path for art n fashion can propose coworking with different art means such as photography, drawing,performance.

Fashion wants to become art. The only way is through the theatrical terms,created,performed,dead,recreated.

AM:What part of yourself do you express as an actress and which as a model? 

Over the neck as an actress,below as a model..I'm joking..the truth is as a model my mind can have a break or travel anywhere. 

As an actress,it's pretty much present all the time along with the rest of me.When you act,usually you talk,voice or body.

The ancient greeks used to beleive that speech is the door of your soul.People say 1 image equals to 1000 words.I think 1 minute of action on stage,that combines almost all art forms,equals to 1000 images.

It's a different way for story telling..

AM:Television or Theater? Which of these two is matching with you more ? 

Theater,ia a live contact between you and the audience,it's a relationship,with risks,with failures and no protection net.

Tv ,it's very technical,but it depends a lot on the director and the monteur as well!My feeling is that the more you act on stage,the best you act for tv or cinema.

AM:As a model in what kind of campaigns you love to be a part? 

It's funny,but I always enjoyed more doing catwalk and tv . As if,I always prefered being on stage and having a script.

One of the biggest jobs I got ever was for CLAIROL because during the casting, that was taking place simultaneously in Paris,London and N.Y,I asked for a specification concerning my performance!

AM:How decisive is your role as a mother about the way that you approach your career? 

Of course,being a mother means dedication to someone else both place and timewise.Surely,I would have done things differently,challenging myself abroad.

But,I can do it soon,my son is 12. It's never too late for anything.So,I exchanged time to love.I'm fine with it.

AM:Tell me about your near future plans.

I never talk about future plans,it's like provoking life. At the moment,I enjoy my mature modeling career along with my toddler acting career.

If you visit Athens,Greece,mother country of theater try to watch a play.

This winter I'm part of a lovely cast for the comedy play "ASTRA NA PANE" ,KAPPA THEATRE. My role,Olga,is facing the dilema career or motherhood.

AM: Mara thanks so much, u got our love and trust!







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