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 Her expression of innocence has such a cool, sexy and elegant power...













 AM:How long have you been modeling?

 I have been modeling since I was 13 years old. First only in Holland but last year I went fulltime and have been working in Holland, Milan and Athens

 AM:Art n' Fashion:what these words mean for you?

 I think Fashion is a art. For example, look at the beautiful collections from the great designers.

 They are all art! I love working in fashion!

AM:How much Social Media promote a model to become internationally recognized?

 I think Instagram is very important! But it is also fun to do! I love to follow artists and illustrators at Instagram. 

AM:In what kind of campaigns you love to take part?

 I would love to book a swimwear campaigns on beautiful locations .

AM:Is it possible to imagine yourself do other things in creative industry?

 Yes, I have done a online course of Parsons x Teen vogue out of interest of styling. 

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.  

Later this year I will fly to Dubai to work for a travel agency. We will do all kind of shootings skydiving and swimming with dolfins .
And my boyfriend (@dennisengels photographer) and I started our little model agency.

We will start up with really young models and develop them for agencies in Milan, Londen and Paris.

AM: Thanks so much Sterre!













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