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   A fantastic woman who appreciates and boost the real essence of luxury creation all around her..


AM:How long have you been involve in Luxury Industry?
I've been involved in luxury industry since 2007. It started from Cartier Boutique. I was hired to actually open it up in Baku, Azerbaijan.
The construction part was almost done, so I've arrived to organize work, make a grand opening and start operating it in order to bring good sales.
Experience in Cartier brought me an exelent knowledge not even in jewelry and fine watches, but in brands' history and their keys to success.
Besides the fact that we've been passing all the possible examinations in high jewelry, basics, specifications of each precious metals, watches and their complictations , the main part was to understand and compare how such historical brand became so iconic.
What was the concept, how did it fit to specific decades, why ibecame successful in these decades, and how we can draw a line in marketing strategy of those periods.
In fact, to be able to understand the strategy and be able to create something unique, we all have to know the history of each iconic brand, wheather its a jewelry, watches, cars or accessories. 
Another aspect of my 10 years experience was the holding, that I was working on. It owned the distributions not only of Cartier but almost all jewelry luxury brands such as Graff, Chopard, Roberto Coin, Harry Winston, and many more jewelry and watch brands.
We all were as a one big team and kept looking after all the brands, flying for new orders, participating in launching new collections and of course the biggest world exibitions as Baselworld, SIHH, Bienales des Antiquires kept making us  to undestand more the value of this Art.
Which of course brought to me an idea of a good presentation to a client.
Only with showing your admiration and appreciation to each piece that you are presenting, to a history of the brand,  you can actually deliver this feeling to your client, who will indeed appreciate it. 
AM:Share with us your passion for Branding.
I think I have more of an admiration of art people, the big dreamers, I would say, who realized their ideas and proved  to the whole world that being different and unique is a way to make this world luxury.
Well, sometimes it is just a great businessmen who create "one of a kind" product, and attach a great story behind it, an idea and motivation that pushed them to this creation.
We all are seeking for stories with a great ending. 
Every brand, somehow has this fairy tale with happy ending, which makes us follow their Ideas.
We all need it in this cruel and scary world. Something positive and neat to think of, to look at, to follow up and eventually use it as a product. 
AM:Art n' Fashion:what these words mean for you?
Personally for me Art and Fashion mean a way of living. I think fashion is the only attempt to realize art in living forms and social intercourse. 
AM:How much Social Media boost an unknown brand to become recognized in reality?
Today it is Social Media who actually decides and chooses who to make recognizable. Without social media, nothing is possible. At least in this century.
Of course there are some people, unfortunately very little percentage, who just made it happen without social media.
And  that is the point, when you become recognizable by yourself. Even then, social media knocks to your door and from that moment walks with you.
AM:In what kind of campaigns you love to take part?
Any campaign against animals abuse and cruelty. I just can't stand when I see or hear about certain animals which are being abused, killed by trespasses.
Also animals in circuses, who live in horrible conditions and participation of dolphins in shows.
I always sign and send petitions and money to all kind of organizations, hoping one day it will help them to stop this cruelty. Its just sad, that people still torture them and not being punished. Maybe one day...
AM:Tell me about the Motivation Coaching , what does is it mean for you? 
I think my whole life is one big motivation and by motivation I mean the word "motion", "action". I have my own businesses and It mostly me, who is building my own schedule.
What I do is, I start all the meetings at 9 am, which make me wake up 3 hours before, to start my morning meditation, then shower and prepare myself for a new day.
So my motivation starts from that very moment of waking myself up without moving or canceling meetings and follow up with my daily routine. 
A lot of people compare it to inspiration,  but it has totaly different meaning.
Motivate is to push yourself in case you feeling lazy or tired, and make yourself to believe that this is the only way. 
AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.
To be honest I never make plans. I've never knew what I want to do in this life, so I just believe in universe and so far it conducted me to already 7 business fields, amazing family, positive people around and pure happiness.
I am always afraid of planing because I think God knows better. It is like in that joke: If you want to make God laugh- tell Him about your future plans. 
AM: It was a great chat ..Wish u the best!

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