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   Enjoy his authentic mad Urban , Grunge Sensual Photography..             












 AM:How did you start your passion for Photography?

My passion for photography started when I was 15. I bought for Christmas a camera for my girlfriend.

It was a digital point&shoot camera with a 32Mo memory card that could take pictures and record videos (back in the early 2000s it was awesome).

I was borrowing it all the time, so, when we broke up I decided to buy me one. I first recorded skateboard videos, school pranks, took pictures of my friends and made CDs compilations that I shared with them.

Even if by the time it was just an everyday hobby, I actually feel like I never stopped doing it.

AM:Share with us the highlights of your portfolio.

Whether it is a shooting with professional models and artificial light or with friends and natural light, the bottom line is always the same: how to tell a story with pictures.

I like to play with the boundary between fiction and reality. Travels, parties, love scenes, black and white or colour photography, mostly analog, but also digital... as long as it is not static!
AM:How much Social Media support a Photographer to become internationally recognized?

Nowedays, I think it would be madness for a photographer to skip social media. It allows you to instantly show your work to the world, communicate with brands, models, magazines, etc. And in 2018, Instagram is The media.

I mean, how come am I doing this interview with you today? 

AM:Your Art is a tribute on Urban, postmodern, grunge sensualism. How important is the different Art trends of our age for your work?

I like the description you make of my work! I am actually interested in any form of Art: architecture, painting, music, dance, performing, cinema... regardless the time period.

What matters is not the age, but creativity. And to be inspired.

AM:What do you want to express through your Art?

The intensity of life. Passions. Love. Friendships. Freedom. It's 3:00am, there's no reason to be bored, Let's take a couple of roll films, get naked and swim in the river, and if there's no river we can just walk through the city and see what happens.     

AM:Who do u consider as the main influence on your Photography?

Definitely cinema. I love to watch a movie, pause a scene and think about the director's intentions: the light and composition, the colors, the format, etc.

This is pure inspiration to me.

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

I'll be traveling to Andalusia next week and will meet friends I haven't seen in ages. I'm sure we'll have great parties, swim in the sea, enjoy beautiful sunsets.

I'm sure to take a couple of roll films with me...  


AM: All best for u!



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