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    A great talent, crazy with Photography and Music, mastering senses with his colours of Art..














AM:How did you start your passion with Photography?
Photos have always served as a method of organizing my memories. I have Poor memory, often my mind is very hazy, (full of music, voices, songs, and flashes of things seen in a dream), my reality melts into fantasy.
It's quite disorienting, logic tends to be my only friend, when your mind is intent on fooling you.
I cherish my photos, they are proof of the lives I've lived, with each day that passes a new life is born and a new set of memories are awaiting to be made.
Living in the moment is more of my curse then something I strive for, but living is nothing without reflection and with a faulty mind, all I can rely on are my photographs.
Due to this, I became enthralled with capturing the perfect moment, the moment that will be cemented with the memories of that life.
Capture it and correct it so that it matched my perception, cameras never seem to capture all of the beautiful colors out in the world, the vibrancy, the richness the liveliness, cameras can only capture the moment to a certain extent.
This is where editing came into my life, through my edits I was able to make my photos match my perception of the world. 
AM:Share with us the highlights of your portfolio.
My most exciting shoot was a bathtub bath-bomb shoot with two models, one a close friend and muse the other my girlfriend and inspiration for life, the prep that went into that shoot was over 3 hours, acquiring the materials for the shoot and setting the stage took up the majority of the prep time.
Everything was meticulously thought out from the arrangement of flowers to the combination of bath bombs to the choices of wine (for drinking and for props).
The colors of the bath-bomb were so beautiful, I hope that it will forever be etched in my mind, I took over 1000 shots that's night, shooting went on for an extra 3 hours on top of prep time.
At which point we were all very pruny and worn out (luckily the bath had left our skins baby soft).
I'll never forget the shades of green and blue with the gold nebula swirls of glitter in the water, and even if I did, I'll forever have those photographs there to remind me of the beautiful flowers that floated over the cosmic bath gracefully grazing the faces of two the most beautiful women I've ever seen. 
AM:Tell me few things about your music.            
Music is my first passion, it's my drive to stay alive, without it I have no purpose here and I do not wish to have anything to do with life unless I am doing my music.I'm a singer-songwriter and I'm currently working on recording my first EP.
I've released my first single recently on my soundcloud, it's a track I've been working on for quite a while and has taken me a year to perfect (partly due to the fact that it's an evolving story of my life over the past 7 years. 
AM:In what kind of projects you love to take part?
I love projects that are visually stimulating and connecting. Being able to create beautiful art with humans who share similar vibes and visions as you is one of the most beautiful experiences life can offer.
I love to push the boundaries of what art is, I believe that with all of the art mediums available I must learn to use them all in conjunction to create art that was never possible to create before.
I'd love to collaborate in all kinds of art projects, learning about others passions in order to incorporate it into my music.
 AM:What the Woman symbolizes for your Artwork ?
Women are breathtaking, even with all of the landscapes this world has to offer, there is none more beautiful, more groundbreaking, more moving, more meaningful and more serene than the curves of a beautiful woman, or the shimmering eyes of her elegant face. How dazzling they are to behold, the can rob you of a moment, so many moments lost in awe.It's rude to stare though, maybe with the perfect photo you can capture a glimpse of their beauty and fall into it for hours. Mesmerized by their perfection, their poise, the enchantment. Women have driven me mad with delight, like they have done for so many others. How could I not have photograph them.
AM:What do you want to express through your Photography?
I want to express life and passion. I want to express the beyond, what is ethereal, that which can't be seen.The energy that flows through you and me, I want you to see it when you see my photos.
I want you to understand how lovely a moment can be and realize that life is nothing more than a collection of moments.I want people to see the colors that this world truly has to offer. I want people to see with new eyes, with New perspective, with a glow.This world isn't as dark as some make it out it be.
People are beautiful, kind and sweet, just as the earth is perfect and divine. We live in paradise and all it takes to realize that is, that we live!!!!
Life is a chance to make a change for the better, as long as you live you can make a change for the better.The only time you can no longer make a change is in death.
All opportunities end at death. All one must do is decide to see the beauty and you'll know what to do from there.
I just want to remind people to see the beauty. 
AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.
I plan on finishing my EP While continuing to grow my portfolio to later fund my music with my photography.
Once I release my EP I will be doing an album release party at my studio and I'll be performing.
With purchase of my EP I'll also be including prints of my photography in each EP because they are both art forms that continually inspire me and help me visualize my future plans.I plan on also collaborating with videographers to put out music videos soon after. 

          AM: You got our support man ! Thanks!



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