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    A Grand talented creator, who honours the Art of Jewellery..















  AM:Art and Fashion dominate your brand. What makes you charmed in this coexistence?

  My life is evolving around art so it couldn't be any different in my case.

  Since I was a child from a very young age I used to say that I wanted to be an artist and this is what I went after my whole life, until I had a fate meeting with fashion...and the rest took their course.

  I put into it what I have to offer which was an artist's view of how styling and looking should be. I come from a very different dimension of that of fashion, so I have to unite two worlds in my designs.

  AM:What is the international echo of your creations so far?

  I am not sure if I can answer accurately this question and keep my modesty at the same time.

  I think I have done well, taking into consideration that I have seen my work at Patricia Field's boutiques for years now, in the serials she is styling on tv, international magazines such as Allure and Citizen K have shown my work, and the biggest star  in this planet Lady Gaga has worn my jewellery.

 I think I am doing ok. And by the way, you haven't seen anything yet..., because I am just starting. 

 AM:What personality do you consider your influence ?

 About personalities I don't care that much. I don't care about the person;

  I care for the talent of the person. I am influenced by major artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Raphael, Vivaldi, Mozart, by ancient Egyptians... there are so many things to be inspired from in this world.

 AM:What is your main inspiration when you dream-capture a new concept?

 Inspiration is my natural state of being, I don't have to do something to get there.

 I am inspired all the time. If I want to have inspiration, I just focus on my natural state which is that.

 Inspiration is about getting rid of all the noise and buzz around you. If you do that you are there.

 AM:How important is the power of internet and social media to promote your brand?

 We live in the era that internet and social media dominate and rule the game. However, there is no social media platform that can outstand talent, creativity and work.

 As much you advertise a bad product if the audience doesn't like it, then that is that and it doesn't change.

 Yes, to social media but focus on the product I say. You may meet a person online, but when you go to that date, it's you there, you are the product, you need to be good. I like metaphors... 

 AM:Business and creative management can well coexist with the same person?

 In my estimation you can find solutions and you can find excuses. Of course a person is born with talents and equal weaknesses but if you want to learn then there is nothing that can stop you.

 Generally, I don't like believing and obeying to limiting factors. If I am not good at something, then this means I have to put a bigger effort on that, not hand it to somebody else.

 Your weak point is where your success is hidden. This is very big lesson I have learned.

 AM: Thanks so much about that talk!













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