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AM:How did you start your passion with Photography?

I often noticed that I see people not as they see themselves in the mirror, not as others see them.

I consider minor flaws as charm, and from this beauty I was dizzy. At first I painted portraits, and then it became not enough.

I try to show the female nature, all the elegance, all the tenderness, the creation of the mad god.

AM:How much Social Media support a Photographer to become internationally recognized?

In the current reality it is difficult to underestimate the importance of social media.

This gives a great advantage and allows you to develop popularity to unprecedented heights, if you know how.

People may not know the author, but see his work. I am flattered when I see that somebody was inspired by my photos. Just like I'm inspired by the works of others.  It's a world-class brainstorm.

AM:In what kind of projects you love to take part?

I love something intimate, something open-minded, something that was not done before or not fully disclosed topics.

But sometimes it is enough for me that my inner esthete was satisfied and then I make beauty for the sake of beauty. It's always nice.

AM:What the Woman symbolizes for your Artwork ?

I love women. I am impressed by their nature. The way they feel world, the way they think. Their emotional reactions.

They are beautiful in tears and even more beautiful when they are happy. As it was sung in one song, God must be a Woman.

So, I have a cult of Femininity.

AM:What do you want to express through your Photography?

Since I have a lot of self-portraits,  first of all the fact that people have many faces that they did not notice before.

Through my photos I trace my growth, turning from a teenage girl into a woman. I think it's interesting to look at this outside.

In others I try to find out what determines their character, I try to show my vision of them. And it's funny, sometimes it causes sincere surprise.

People are a mystery to themselves, and I'm a fan of crossword puzzles.

AM:Who do u consider as the main influence on your Photography?

Helmut Newton inspired me insanely and turned my world around.

His photographs are an ode to the whole feminity through the eyes of a man. It's like I feel it.

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

 I want to try to express my ideas through other kinds of visual art. I want to find my Muse, and then myself in it.

I plan to leave a beautiful trail in history or write my own.

AM: So proud to host u here ! All best for u!



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