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     A model, a tv persona, a extraordinary woman! 


More details about Nadia:
AM:How long have you been modeling? 
Wow that was about 15 years ago. I have been modelling since I was 16 but more seriously from age 18 after I graduated from highschool.
I moved from Holland to France (Paris) and got a contract with NEXT. From that point on I travelled so much and was based in different cities.
It was a big change coming from a relativly small city (Nijmegen) and move towards a very cosmopolitan live with lots a castings and meeting so many people from all over the place.
During my modelling career I started to present (for MTV in the Netherlands) and act ( I have played in 2 dutch movies) that was amazing, modeling is a great kickstarter for those things, you learn a lot. 
AM: Share with us the highlights of your portfolio. 
 There are so many shoots that I memorise that were so so awsome, one of my mistakes is that sometimes I forgat to ask the pics! Such a shame. 
One of the highlight was the shoot for Dior's perfume Poison it was shit by Vincent Peters.
I love the dutch photographer Hans de Vries I love my shoots with him.
What was amazing this year I got booked for a motor clothing line, as I have a motor too it was so much fun to drive in Portugal to do a shoot and video for Ravit! I m prod a the shoots I did with Serge Barbeau too especially the one in Capri it was truly amazing. 
AM:Art n' Fashion:what these words mean for you? 
Art and fashion are connected fashion is art and art is fashion. My mom is very artistic we would always go to museums and it inspired me a lot.
Sometimes photography can be art too, I love those shoots where you feel part a making art.
I have had some collabs as a model with different artists like the dutch painters Casper Faasen & Frank Hollywood, the have use my image on paintings I turned out really nice! 
The advantage was  I got payed in a paining , so that was awsome. In my appartement there are paintings and lots of artbooks. 
AM:How much Social Media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat) promote a young model to become internationally recognized? 
Wow when I started modelling social media wasn't as relevant as it is nowadays. There has been like a complete shift in that, as a model in these times you really need to be on the socials,  furthermore you need to put the right pics & capitons there. Because if you put some drunk picture there, certain clients can find that offensive for example.
What you see now is that lots of models buy followers, because their agencies want them to get more followers.
Due to the importance of social media you see models becoming big , that don't really have the requirements to be a model (length, etc) all due to their Instagram account with bog following.
And some beautiful models don t work enough because they are not in socials.
It s weird but fascinating.  
AM:In what kind of campaigns you love to take part? 
Wow so many but I came to realise that I 'd love to do a hair campaign. I have lots of hair and it s the thing that s missing on my list!
Lots of models have very thin hair so I d love to do something with that. 
Also I d love to be the face of a clothingbrand that s strong, pretty , playfull and shoot it in a beautiful country like Italy or Spain!
AM:Is it possible to imagine yourself do other things in creative industry? 
For sure I m already doing that now. I work as a dj duo together with Sheila Hill. Music is very creative for us too. We love music and play on different occasions from clubs to private party's to launches it s fab! 
Other then that I m also working as a journalist I just made my own webseries about crypto currency, I casted everyone myself so much fun!
AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.
I just really love love my work, it s part of who I am and it never is boring, but it can be hard cause you re a freelancer and never have any securities! 
I would love to shoot a beautiful editorial like a roadstory in a far away country!
And I want to make more content for online/tv in which I do the research but where I am the reporter / presentor too.
A documentary is on my bucket list too. To start that off I ll be making a serie about feminism very soon I ll be aired end of august.
And from September on I ll be living more in Paris so I want to start to work in France more, but that will be a challenge!
Together with Sheila Hill we are getting started to play more outside of Holland too as a DJ Duo. 
AM: Nadia Wish u the best, u got my love and support!

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