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     A journalist, a writer, a traveller..such a creative woman such a talented personality


AM:How long have you been envolved in journalism?

I always been a girl of many interests, but in 2014 during Cinemadamare (an international filmmaking festival) I discovered the field of journalism.
I was in Venice during the Film Festival and I met a journalist from Class CNBC, she was really interesting in my energy and she propose me to having an interview with her boss.
So I started to work for CNBC's  Italian channel along one year and half. It was a really interesting period in my short life, I traveled a lot and I had a lot of curious experience such as reporting in EXPO Milan 2015.
In 2016 I move in Mediaset where I worked for 2 years and half as investigative journalist in a political TV program. But deeply down I always knew that I'm a creative person, so I ask to my company to moving to another tv program connected by fashion, design and lifestyle, where I work today as reporter. 

AM:Share with us the idea of your thesis about Modern Theater foundations and Journalism.
I spend a lot of years in drama school, I love to play different role, be someone else for a while.
The energy to be involved in something as theater group is incredible: it is allowed you to leave your emotion differently from "normal" people. I really believe that Theater and Journalism are really connected.
I mean: in order to interview someone you have to empatize with your interlocutor and theater helps a lot . 

AM:Art n' Fashion:what these words mean for you?
I grew up sorrounded by art: my dad is a philospher and he introduce me to theater, music, painting..
And, of course, living in Milan does it means facing every day, everywhere with fashion.
Next time you will come to Milan take a look to people in the street: they do not just wearing clothes, they live their own personality through their style. 
I'm not a fashion addicted but I'm a really good observer, so in my opinion Fashion is the art of stealing bystander's essences.

AM:How much Social Media influence the communication and our concept about the public life?
Social Media now a day are really important. I think we are living in the era that Pirandello imagined when he wrote "Six Characters in Search of an Author ". Everyone want to be to the center of the attention and social media gives to the people that opportunity. Public life and private life, they have no borders anymore.
We always discuss about privacy but I think that no ones really care about it and communication take advantage about that and me too. 

AM:Tell me few things about your love for Radio and Music.

Radio is the funniest part of my job. One years ago I had an idea. I would like to interview influncer and blogger to understand better their business so I write down "#WANNABE" project and I found a radio supporting me.
I love music and talk (a lot), so when I'm on air I feel super comfortable.
AM:What Travel means for you?
Can I answer with a quotes? I'm travel not to escape life, but for life not escape me. For me travel is necessary to feel alive.
I love to deal with different culture, learn different languages and feel part of something special.
So when I travel I feel at home more than when I'm staying in Milan, I have a lot of friends everywhere and moving around makes me feel excited. 

AM:You have already finished and published your first book. Present me the whole idea behind "Maiali e Cani".
"Maiali e Cani" was a diary of a dark side of  my life. I'm a really romantic woman and I was really disappointed by man and by society in general.
 I quit my parent's house really early and I faced with a lot of difficult in my short life (economical, sentimental, etc..) so I invented Candida (name that is coming from Voltaire's "Candide") and I give her the opportunity to take her a big revenge on  this society.

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.
Future? That's a scary question. I keep moving and dream big in my carrier.
First of all I will try to increase my social media audience in order to increase my professional profile and, of course I need to take a trip!
AM: Many thanks Serena wish u the best!

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