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Our brilliant partner and excellent Photographer Alexey Martynov presents FAN Magazine!













 Read the exciting exclusive interview of Alexey Martynov about his FAN Magazine and get in touch with him to buy this Fine Artistic publication!

 read here the 1st interview/presentation of Alexey Martynov for Aris Moskov: 



 AM: Alexey tell me which is the purpose of your magazine.

 We want to publish a Magazine regularly and develop the FAN Magazine as a platform for communication of photographers, models, make up artists, stylists, designers, writers,artists and all people who have a taste.

 We invite you to share our love of Art. 

 We strive to make our Magazine to inspire readers, give birth to emotions, be interesting, show development opportunities and examples of success. 

 We want to create an environment for discussion and cooperation, to promote talented people. to motivate and encourage our readers.

AM: Fashion Art Nude. Can you explain me how these three are related on your magazine?

We aspire to publish materials related to fashion, nudity at the Magazine. The main criterion is a high level of performance of works, so that the viewer could say "Its Art!"

AM: Give me a brief view of the contents of the 1st Issue of FAN.

 The FAN Magazine contains: 1. Photo sessions that corresponf to our notion of vogue( fashion), beauty and art. 2. Interviews with makeup artists, models, retouchers, working in Russia, France, Italy, Spain. 

 3.Descriptions of interesting places,cities, restaurants.

 AM: Why do you believe FAN could gain an international attention?

 In our opinion there are many talented people in Russia who do not have enough lifts to go forward. In Russia there is not enough ecosystem to support talented people and share experiences.

 We are sure that the works presented in FAN Magazine will be interesting not only in Russia but also abroad.

 We want to do something meaningful, so we are doing our best to promote FAN Magazine to the international market, of course, with your help.

 AM:How do you imagine to be your magazine in the near future?

 The main goal of FAN Magazine in the near future is that we put in formation of a team of like-minded people.

 We would like to find people who sincerely love art and believe that a talented person can succeed in the modern world.

 We have more long term goals, such as creating an international award in the field of Art, helping to promote Russian models, photographers and makeup artists on the international market.

 AM: Congratulations for this big and beautiful step my friend, will be together to boost the FAN Magazine and its goals!


 * with the exception of cover photo of 1st Issue of FAN Magazine, all other photos we publish here have not any realtion with the content of the magazine, are Alexey Martynov's images from other projects.












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