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 His Photography is an adoration of female, an unbelievable Fine Artist..










AM:How did you start your passion with Photography?

I always liked to go to museums and look at paintings of women. So, one day I wanted to became an artist. 

AM:Which are your criteria for the selection of your models?

I like natural beauty and I choose women who are genuine.

AM: In what kind of projects you love to take part?

What I love the most is shooting in tropics . There are sea, a lot of green and sun and not much clothes. 

AM:What the Woman symbolizes for your Artwork ?

The Woman is the highlight of the god’s creation 

AM:Your work has a sense of a powerfull seduction and eroticism. How would you describe your Photography?

I’m trying not to show naked women but their natural beauty. I hope it turns out like that. 

AM:What's next for you? Tell me about your future plans.

 I going to keep shooting and enjoying it.


AM: Thanks for this talk Vladimir!







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